Why People Don’t “Go It Alone” in Personal Injury Claims

Why People Don’t “Go It Alone” in Personal Injury ClaimsYou have been in a car accident and are injured. It seems clear that the other driver caused the accident which led to your injuries. So it is a straightforward matter of contacting the other driver’s insurance provider and settling the claim, right? Not so fast. Many people who think that they can handle a personal injury claim on their own end up regretting the decision. There are many reasons this is the case, but here is a classic example: You contact the other driver’s insurance company to work out a claim. The insurance claims adjuster, knowing you are a layman, offers a small amount of money to settle the claim. How would you know what a ‘fair’ settlement amount is? The adjuster certainly has a very good idea, but their job is to get the company off the hook for as little as possible. The fact is that most people in car accidents with personal injuries benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney. Don’t go it alone. Here are four reasons why:

#1 Your Attorney Knows What Your Injuries Are Worth

Don’t be fooled by the online personal injury settlement calculators you see. Those are fine for getting a very rough idea about settlement amounts, but getting a true, fair number is more complicated. Personal injury attorneys understand the details of typical car accident injuries. An experienced attorney will be able to get a good idea of what your injuries are worth, quantify your pain and suffering, and then negotiate effectively with the insurance adjuster.

#2 Attorneys Understand the Claims Process

Even if you know what your injuries are worth, you will likely be at sea with the complex legal procedures that are a part of litigating a personal injury claim. Certain documents must be filed properly and on time. It is common for the non-attorney to lose an insurance claim based upon improperly filed paperwork. Don’t let this happen to you.

#3 A Personal Injury Attorney Boosts Your Chances

Facing an insurance company is not unlike going to war. Going alone into a legal battle with an experienced adversary is a bad idea. The auto insurance company knows it has far more experience and knowledge than you do. Also, you may be injured and not at your best. If you are suffering from serious injuries and need money, you are likely to settle for a small amount. A good attorney can increase the chances of a high settlement.

#4 Get a Higher Settlement

It is true that most accident injury claims are settled out of court. If the adjuster sees an experienced personal injury attorney at your side, the company may be more likely to offer a fair settlement faster. Why? Because juries frequently rule against insurance companies, and insurance companies know it. Having a good attorney gives the insurance company more incentive to settle fairly. The bottom line is this: Most injured clients get more money at settlement when they hire a personal injury attorney. Don’t go into battle on your own. Hire an experienced attorney today.

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