The Time for Talking is Over – Distracted Driving is More Common Than You Thought

The Time for Talking is Over – Distracted Driving is More Common Than You ThoughtIt is becoming more widely understood that distracted driving is deadly across Middle Georgia and the United States generally. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that 3,477 people died in distracted driving accidents in 2015 alone. Nearly 400,000 suffered injuries in distracted driving accidents that year. Why is this getting worse? The NHTSA reports that there are too many activities that distract us while we drive. The most common and deadly driving distractions are:
  • Talking or texting on a cell phone
  • Eating and drinking
  • Talking to others in the vehicle
  • Playing with the stereo
  • Adjusting or checking the GPS system.
But without a doubt, experts contend, texting and driving is the biggest, most dangerous distraction facing Americans today. When a driver sends or reads a text message, their eyes are taken from the road for as long as five seconds. If the driver is traveling 55 mph on the interstate, this means you could drive the entire length of a football field without looking at the road! This is happening a lot, too: Zendrive Inc. has found in a study of three million drivers that a shocking 88% of drivers used a smart phone while driving. This is a deadly serious problem that is getting worse. But there are simple things we can do to help.

How to Curtail Distracted Driving

As Middle Georgia personal injury attorneys, the Mann Law Firm is familiar with the horrible accidents that can unfold from distracted driving. Texting and driving deaths increased by 1/3 from 2014-2016 in our state. All of us can do our part to reduce injuries and deaths due to driving distracted:
  • Teenagers: Young drivers can be highly influential with their peers. Our personal injury attorneys urge them to say something if they see a friend texting and driving. We also recommend that teens encourage their friends to sign a statement promising to always pay attention to the road when driving. A good move is to get active in your local Students Against Destructive Decisions This organization exists to empower teenagers to live safe and productive lives; its primary mission currently is to prevent teenagers from being killed and injured in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Parents: Mothers, fathers and legal guardians have a responsibility to lead by their good example. Never drive when distracted by a smart phone, eating and drinking, GPS or anything else. Also, have a discussion with young drivers in your home about the life-or-death responsibilities that come with driving. All family members should sign a promise to never drive while distracted. It also is wise to remind teens that under Georgia’s graduated driver licensing (GDL) program, it is illegal to drive distracted.
  • Educators: Talk to your school and workplace colleagues about how dangerous it is to focus on anything other than driving when behind the wheel. Implore students to commit to driving safely at all times.
If all of us as Georgians and Americans would do just a little bit of work, we could greatly reduce the scourge of distracted driving injuries and deaths.

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