Macon Accident LawyerIf you have been injured or suffered the death of a loved one in an accident that was not your fault, the personal injury lawyers of the Mann Law Firm are here to help you. We assist residents of Macon and other Middle Georgia communities in a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Below are answers to some of the questions we frequently receive.

I have been injured in an accident that someone else caused. What can a lawyer do for me?

The personal injury lawyers of the Mann Law Firm can help you obtain compensation for the expenses caused by your injuries. Georgia law provides for personal injury lawsuits as a mechanism for relief to those hurt by the recklessness or negligence of others. Such legal claims are meant to make the victim whole again financially. Each case is different, and we cannot guarantee results ahead of time, but we will provide you a free initial consultation about your case.

A member of our family died in an auto accident after his car was hit by a drunk driver. Is there anything we can do about it legally?

Drunk driving, distracted driving and other kinds of recklessness and negligence behind the wheel of a car cause too many injuries and deaths. While criminal charges may apply to those responsible, the criminal justice system does not account for the losses of those who are left behind. In these types of cases, a Mann Law Firm wrongful death attorney can help to hold the party at fault accountable.

In Georgia, survivors of people who have died because of another person’s action or inaction (i.e., neglect) have a right to seek compensation for medical expenses, burial expenses, and lost wages and benefits the deceased would have provided. In some cases there is also compensation for mental pain and suffering by the survivors.

An 18-wheeler sideswiped our car, causing us to wreck and my wife to be injured. We can tell from the decals on the tractor trailer that the truck is from a big company. Can’t they afford to help us with our medical bills?

Indeed, the fact that commercial trucks – 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, big rigs, etc. – are often owned by large firms is just one reason truck accidents are more complicated than normal passenger car crashes. But the big company that should be able to help an injured accident victim with medical bills is also able to hire lawyers to ensure it does not have to make such a payment.

A commercial truck accident is complex, and it is likely that a well-financed corporation connected to the transfer truck and/or the truck driver will try to minimize payments to those injured in such an accident. This makes it that much more important to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer like those at the Mann Law Firm.

I was hurt on the job and I have not yet received any workers’ compensation benefits. Can you help me?

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer from the Mann Law Firm can help you apply for workers’ compensation benefits or appeal a decision about your benefits by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. If an injured worker has been denied workers’ compensation benefits or disagrees with the amount of the benefits that are approved, the worker may appeal the decision before an Administrative Law Judge. The worker’s employer – whose insurance company pays the benefit – will be represented by a lawyer at this hearing. The worker should be represented by an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, too.

I slipped and fell in a puddle at a local grocery store. The store manager says a worker was on the way to clean it up when I fell so they are not at fault. Still, I have been out of work because of my injury. Am I out of luck, too.

Such slip-and-fall personal injury cases fall under what’s known as “premises liability” law. This area of Georgia law says that commercial businesses, public places and even private homeowners have a duty to maintain safe premises that may be visited by other people. When they fail in this duty, they may be held liable for damages (compensation) to those who are injured.

Of course, spills and other hazards occur, and a property owner must be given reasonable time to correct problems. But an experienced premises liability lawyer like those at the Mann Law Firm knows how to thoroughly investigate such incidents (including any prior similar incidents), build evidence on behalf of the injured client, and present a persuasive and effective case in court.

Why should I hire a lawyer from the Mann Law Firm?

The Mann Law Firm has helped Macon and Middle Georgia residents who have suffered personal injuries for more than 50 years. We help our clients obtain the compensation for their losses that they need and deserve after auto and trucking accidents, workplace injuries, injuries caused by faulty products, and a variety of other personal injury and wrongful deaths.

We are a family law firm operated by Macon natives. As a Mann Law Firm client, you will be assisted by David or Tommy Mann. When you hire a personal injury lawyer from the Mann Law Firm, that lawyer becomes your attorney, working with your best interests at heart. We believe in providing the personal touch that the sensitive issues surrounding personal injury and wrongful death cases deserve.

But before you decide to hire a Mann Law Firm personal injury attorney, take advantage of our advice for free.

We always offer a free initial consultation about your case, in which we’ll review the facts of your case and advise you of your legal options. When you do hire a Mann Law Firm attorney, you still pay nothing until we have obtained compensation for you.

Contact your Mann Law Firm personal injury attorney today at (478) 742-3381 in Macon, Dublin, Warner Robins or Milledgeville, or through our online form, to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation about your case.


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