Find out Where Milledgville and Warner Robins Rank in Georgia Safest City Rankings

Find out Where Milledgville and Warner Robins Rank in Georgia Safest City RankingsGeorgia is known in some quarters as the Empire of the South. It is famous for delicious peaches, aviation, the corporate HQ of Coca-Cola, and much more. Like many states in the southeast U.S., crime statistics in Georgia are generally higher than the national average. According to a survey by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, the Peach State’s 3.98 reported violent crimes per 1,000 people put it in the top 30 in the U.S. That said, when one considers that Atlanta’s higher crime rates are factored into results for the entire state, the trends in Georgia overall are not as high one might think. Also, there are certain communities in the state where crime is higher and lower than others. For example, the town of Johns Creek currently is ranked as the safest community in the state. A suburb situated northeast of Atlanta, Johns Creek had only 27 reported violent crimes and 687 property crimes for 2016. These are very low numbers when one considers the town has a population of nearly 85,000. Those who live in Georgia may be interested to learn that the community of Warner Robins is ranked #61 in the survey, with 494 violent crimes and 4,111 property crimes in 2016. It had a total population of 74,419. Meanwhile, the town of Milledgeville was ranked #46 in the survey, with 112 violent crimes and 774 property crimes. Its total population at the time of the survey was 19,072.

Cases Related to Violent Crime in Georgia

One of the most common types of crimes in Georgia and across the country is assault. Most people generally think of an assault case leading to criminal charges, and that is true. But it is also common for this type of crime case to lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Assault must be intentional for there to be liability in a personal injury lawsuit. But ‘intentional’ only means that one person intended to commit the act that made you understand that you were about to be attacked, hit, etc. Thus, the defendant does not need to have intended to put you into apprehension; he only needs, under the law, to have intentionally committed a violent act that he should have known would cause you to feel apprehension. The motive in this type of case does not matter. It is important to understand that there can be criminal and civil cases for the same assault. However, note that the defendant cannot be sued in a personal injury lawsuit for the same assault until the criminal case has been completed. If the civil lawsuit is already in process when the criminal case starts, the civil lawsuit may be paused until the criminal case is resolved. If you are related to a loved one who was killed in a violent crime in Georgia, you also may have legal recourse at the civil level by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

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