Tanker Truck Accident Results In Explosion & Deaths Of 3 Guyton Brothers

A recent Georgia tanker truck accident tragically took the lives of three brothers from Guyton, Georgia.  The accident between the tanker truck and a passenger truck closed Georgia’s Highway 17 near Guyton for several days.

3 Deaths & Major Damage To Highway

According to The Telegraph, the two-truck accident occurred on Georgia 17 near Guyton on November 20.  The tanker truck, which was carrying gasoline, exploded and took the lives of three brothers riding in the passenger truck. The tanker truck driver was not injured. Effingham County authorities said that the wreckage burned for hours and caused major damage to the highway.  This crash is truly a sad reminder that accidents happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes take innocent lives far too soon.  Although no charges are expected to be filed in this case, liability can often be found in large truck accidents like this – especially in Georgia. In fact, according to a Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) fact sheet, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ranks Georgia fifth in the nation for the number of fatal commercial motor vehicle accidents.  Moving violations are responsible for the greatest number of commercial truck accidents and “most at-fault commercial vehicle crashes evolve from driver error.” The FMCSA lists common violations cited in Georgia truck accident fatalities as:
  • Manslaughter or homicide (death by vehicle)
  • Willful reckless driving
  • Lane violations, generally
  • Following too closely
  • Improper method and position of turn
  • Turn, yield, signaling violations, generally
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or BAC (blood-alcohol content) above limit
  • Failure to yield, generally
  • Failing to obey stop sign
  • Other driver license violations
All of these violations can result in driver liability – which can be significant due to the nature of truck accidents.  The average passenger car or truck weighs approximately 2,000 pounds, while an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer can weigh well over 10,000 pounds.  A crash between the two – without other issues – often results in serious injuries or death.  Add speeding, reckless driving or the hauling of toxic or flammable chemicals to the mix and the stakes of serious injury or death are even higher.

Truck Accident Compensation

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you’ll likely be dealing with significant medical bills and lost work time that will make it difficult to make ends meet.  These types of accidents affect not only the injured victim, but their families as well – especially when the victim was a significant contributor to the household – either financially, emotionally or both. Unfortunately, many who survive a commercial truck accident often suffer catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries that may result in paralysis, broken arms and legs and other injuries that may require significant rehabilitation or a lifetime of care. An experienced Georgia truck accident attorney can analyze your situation and determine whether you might be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, physical and emotional pain and suffering, rehabilitation and more.  Rest assured that insurance companies will have a team of attorneys to represent their best interests.  If you live in the Middle Georgia areas of Macon, Dublin, Warner Robins and Milledgeville, make sure you contact an accident attorney to represent yours.