Georgia Makes Top 10 List of States with Biggest Increases in Vehicle Accident Costs

Georgia Makes Top 10 List of States with Biggest Increases in Vehicle Accident CostsYou may have heard that the mayor of Washington, D.C., wants the nation’s capital to become the 51st state and has called for a vote on statehood this November. Until that happens, the area is a district separate from any state, and that means Georgia actually tops a recent list of states that have had the largest increases in vehicle accident costs over the last decade. While Washington, D.C.’s increase was 12.2 percent, Georgia’s was 9.5 percent – a full percent higher than the next place on the list, Florida. The claim severity or claim costs associated with car wrecks have been gradually rising over the past decade. According to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI), the past decade has experienced a 42 percent increase in insurance claim costs for bodily injuries and a 17 percent increase in collision coverages. One reason may be tied to climbing health care costs, while another may be that today’s vehicles have gotten more sophisticated, with complex safety technology and high-tech computers. Repair shops can’t rely on the old tools of the trade. They have to upgrade their diagnostic tools that have to be operated by specially trained technicians. Analyzing the data, PCI has determined that the surge in accidents can be traced to causes such as distracted walking, distracted driving, more traffic congestion, more miles driven, and the decriminalization of marijuana. More senior drivers and more young drivers are also factors that have likely influenced the number of accidents. Nationwide, it is estimated that almost 3,200 people were killed in 2014 due to distracted driving, that drunk driving crashes that year took an economic toll of $44 billion, and that there are up to 6,000 fatal crashes every year due to drivers that are too tired to be behind the wheel. There were more than 38,000 fatalities last year due to motor vehicle crashes. Almost 90 percent were caused by just three factors: alcohol, speeding, and distracted driving. A particularly disturbing accident south of Atlanta last September purportedly combined the last two causes, with serious results. A teenage driver allegedly reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour while distracted by taking selfies with an app’s speed filter. The app, Snapchat, awards a virtual trophy to users who post pics showing off their speed. The teen’s car rear-ended another, leaving that driver unable to work and with permanent brain damage. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, or have lost someone you love in such an accident, it is important to contact a GA car wreck lawyer. The personal injury attorneys at the Mann Law Firm can help by reviewing your circumstances and discussing all available legal options. Call us at 478-742-3381 or fill out our online form. In addition to cases handled in Macon, we are prepared to handle claims on behalf of clients in Dublin, Warner Robins, Milledgeville and other Georgia communities. We would like to meet with you to discuss your case, and we are proud to offer free initial consultations.