2015: The Car Recalls Continue…

2015: The Car Recalls Continue…

We get in and out of our vehicles multiple times a day, and assume that they will function properly. We expect the brakes to work, for the tires to stay on, for the windows and doors to open, for the engine to start, for the airbags to keep us safe if there’s a collision. Buying a car is a big purchase and, especially if it’s brand new, it should be running reliably. Few of us consider the issue of recalls, yet last year shows us that we should.

“The Year of the Recall”

Some are calling 2014 “The Year of the Recall” for automakers. Led by General Motors (GM), at least three major automakers set all-time records last year for most vehicles recalled in the United States in a single year. More than 63.5 million vehicles industry-wide were recalled in 800 separate campaigns, making for more than twice the previous record set in 2004.

GM recalled the equivalent of about 40 percent of all GM vehicles on U.S. roads today by recalling 26.95 million vehicles in 84 campaigns.

Chrysler Group LLC recalled about 8.8 million vehicles — 2 million more than its all-time record set in 2000. Honda Motor Co. also set all-time records for the most vehicles recalled in its history, calling back about 8.9 million vehicles. Although Ford and Toyota Motor Corp. did not surpass their record totals, they both issued more recalls covering more vehicles than they did the previous year — 42 recalls covering 4.9 million vehicles for Ford and 22 recalls covering nearly 6 million vehicles for Toyota.

The GM crisis started in February, when it recalled 2.6 million older cars for a bad ignition switch that could cause vehicles to stall and airbags to fail. The deaths and injuries linked to the switch recall prompted GM to add dozens of investigators and completely revamp how it dealt with safety issues. However, on the first day of 2015, GM recalled 92,000 additional SUVs and trucks for the potentially deadly switch flaw. It also issued other smaller recalls involving incorrect seat track brackets, insufficient heat treatment on rear axles, and loose hose clamps.

Is Your Car Safe? Online Tool

Wonder about your car? You can use this online tool to directly access the recalls database of major vehicle manufacturers. If you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can also see whether a specific vehicle has not been repaired as part of a safety recall in the last 15 years

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