How Distraction Continues to Plague Work Zones in Georgia

How Distraction Continues to Plague Work Zones in GeorgiaGeorgia’s population continues to grow, and with that comes more traffic and construction. Building and maintaining roads in Georgia can be a very hazardous business, especially with so many people texting and driving. Statistics show that more than 3,300 people and 650 workers were killed in work zones across the country in the past five years. Also, more than 35,000 people each year are injured on job sites in Georgia and around the U.S. Government data indicates that distracted driving was the cause of at least 500 of those deaths and many of the injuries. A recent report from AAA found that 84% of drivers report seeing other drivers holding or texting on a cell phone while they are driving. Also, 45% of drivers said they read text messages while they drive, or email while they drive. The road construction industry in Georgia is working hard to determine ways to keep construction workers safer. They are developing connected technology that can warn drivers in their vehicle that a work zone is coming up. The construction crew also could be informed when a higher speed vehicle is approaching.

Better Legislation Is Needed

With the higher number of work zone deaths in Georgia and across the nation this year, many industry and governmental experts say it is time to pass more legislation and enact tougher repercussions for those who violate bans on cell phones while driving and look for better ways to increase such bans in construction zones. We have seen here in Georgia that even a full cell phone ban while driving does not deter most drivers. In July 2018, the Hands-Free Georgia Act went into effect. It bars drivers from even touching their phones while driving. Motorists who are caught texting or tweeting could get a $50 fine and have a point put on their license. In the first month of the Georgia law, more than 1,000 citations were issued, according to data from AAA. Also, AAA surveyed 1,200 people in Georgia and found that 98% of all drivers know it is illegal to use a phone while driving. But they do not seem to care, according to the data. It could be that Georgia drivers do not care because even if you violate the law three times, the fine does not go any higher. There is no question that Georgia drivers need to pay better attention to the no-cell-phone law while driving in Georgia. If they fail to do so, they could easily cause a serious accident that could injure or kill an innocent person. And that negligent act carries serious criminal and civil consequences.

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