Labor Weekend Ends Tragically For Three & Arrests For 18 On Georgia Waterways

Labor Day weekend is a time to spend with family and friends and just relax.  Many Georgians take advantage of the numerous lakes, ponds and creeks to cool off during the long, late summer weekend.  Unfortunately, this Labor Day took the lives of three people and resulted in arrests for 18 others.

Swimming, Diving & Kayaking Accidents Take Three Georgia Lives

According to The Telegraph, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources reported that one person drowned, two others were killed and 18 more were arrested for boating while under the influence (BUI) on public waters over Labor Day weekend.  Here’s what happened:
  • Swimming Accident.  The body of 45-year-old Atlanta resident, Ramiro Ponce-Ruiz, was recovered Monday afternoon after he drowned Sunday while swimming in Amicalola Creek near Dawsonville.  Ponce-Ruiz was swimming at Devil’s Elbow in the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area and witnesses said that he struggled after diving into the water.
  • Diving Accident.  The body of 23-year-old Atlanta resident, Nicholas Alexander, was recovered approximately an hour after he jumped off a boat near Red Top Mountain State Park beach on Lake Allatoona on Sunday evening.  He was with his family on a rental boat when he jumped into the water near the rock jetty, struggled and went under.  Two people on shore tried, but failed to save him.
  • Kayaking Accident.  The body of 61-year-old Augusta resident, Ralph Edward Taylor, was recovered Sunday morning in Richmond County.  Taylor’s companions found his empty kayak Saturday afternoon after they left him to go down more challenging rapids near an island.
In addition to the three tragedies, Georgia DNR rangers reportedly issued 18 BUI citations between Saturday and Monday, including two on Lake Sinclair, two on Lake Jackson and one on Lake Oconee.  That total is up from six citations issued during the same weekend in 2012 and nine in 2011.

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