Middle Georgia Nursing & Vet Homes Illegally Sprayed With Pesticides

Nursing home and veteran residents were likely shocked to discover that two dozen Middle Georgia nursing home facilities, along with the Georgia Veterans Home in Milledgeville, were illegally sprayed with a pesticide called Termidor SC over the course of four years.  The company responsible for the spraying allegedly tried to cover it up and was recently charged with numerous crimes as a result.

Illegal Pesticide Spraying Coverup Leads To Indictment

The actions of an Alabama-based pest control company put seniors and veterans at a serious risk of injury and resulted in the company and its owner being indicted.  According to The Telegraph, Steven A. Murray of Alabama and his company, Bio-Tech Management Inc., illegally used a pesticide called Termidor SC inside Middle Georgia nursing homes and the Georgia Veterans Home in Milledgeville twice per year from 2005 to 2009. Termidor SC’s own label states that it is not to be used inside buildings because it contains the active ingredient fipronil, which has been linked to seizures and chronic health effects. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considered a possible human carcinogen.  When the Georgia  Department of Agriculture and the EPA discovered what happened, Bio-Tech allegedly falsified service reports to say that they had used a pesticide called CyKick T.  However, that doesn’t exist. Murray and BioTech have been charged with conspiracy, 10 counts of making false statements, 20 counts of falsifying records, 10 counts of mail fraud and 10 counts of unlawful use of a pesticide. Conviction of the charges carries penalties of up to 650 years in prison and $10 million in fines. Here is a list of Middle Georgia facilities by town / country where the spraying occurred:
  • Cochran: Bryant Health and Rehabilitation
  • Eatonton: Eatonton Health and Rehabilitation
  • Forsyth: Heritage Healthcare Forsyth and Hilltop Nursing Home
  • Gray: Gray Nursing Home, Lynn Haven Nursing Home and Stone Brook Suites
  • Macon: Bel Arbor Nursing Home, Cherry Blossom Healthcare, Eastview Nursing Home, Elberta Health Care, North Macon Healthcare, Peake Healthcare, The Oaks at Peake-ALC and The Villas at College Hill
  • Milledgeville: Chaplinwood Health and Rehabilitation and the Georgia Veterans Home
  • Monroe County: Bolingreen Nursing Home
  • Montezuma: Montezuma Health Care and Oconee Healthcare
  • Roberta: Roberta Health Care
  • Sparta: Sparta Health & Rehabilitation
  • Thomaston: Providence Healthcare
  • Warner Robins: Elberta Health Care
Although no injuries, illnesses or deaths have yet been reported from the pesticide use, healthcare providers simply didn’t know that Termidor SC was being used and may have misdiagnosed patients over the past several years.

Middle Georgia Residents Deserve Better

Exposing Middle Georgia seniors and veterans to illegal toxins is simply inexcusable.  Our seniors and vets deserve better and BioTech should have admitted what it did years ago to avoid the potential of illness or injury to those confined to nursing and veteran homes and the people who care for them. Anyone exposed to the illegal spraying should consider consulting with their healthcare provider as a precautionary measure.  If it turns out that you’ve suffered an injury, it’s important to know that you may have legal recourse.  That’s where we can help. For over 50 years, the experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys at the Mann Law Firm have been helping the people in the Middle Georgia areas of Macon, Dublin, Warner Robins and Milledgeville obtain the compensation they deserve such as past and future hospital and medical expenses, rehabilitation, physical and emotional pain and suffering, lost income and much more. If you or a loved one has been injured by someone else’s negligence, contact The Mann Law Firm and speak to one of our attorneys so that we analyze your situation and determine if you might be entitled to compensation so that you can make an informed decision about whether taking legal action is in your best interests.  Call us at 855-878-0276 to schedule a free consultation.