Negligent Security & Bar Fights

Negligent Security & Bar FightsIn Georgia, the owner of any establishment that serves alcohol must exercise what is known as ‘duty of care’ under Georgia negligence laws. This simply means that it is the responsibility of the bar owner to keep patrons and employees safe from injuries and harm on the premises. Unfortunately, bar fights are common in many Georgia bars, and many bar owners do not do what they should to prevent them. These violent incidents can lead to serious personal injury and even death. Being attacked, punched or hit by another customer can have serious effects on your future health. In cases where assault and battery are involved, the liable party may be liable for your damages. Some of these can include:
  • Medical expenses, including doctor visits, rehabilitation and surgery
  • Lost wages, past and future
  • Pain and suffering.
Some of the actions in a bar fight that can lead to a personal injury claim are:
  • Being hit, kicked or thrown by another person
  • Having an object thrown at you
  • Knife stab or cuts made from glass
  • Gun fire
  • Assault and battery
  • Being struck by a vehicle in a bar parking lot with the intent of causing harm.
When A Bar Owner May Be Liable The responsibilities of the Georgia bar owner include taking safety precautions that protect customers from fights that can lead to injuries. This may include having sufficient security personnel on hand to break up altercations before they get serious. There also is a potential for a premises liability claim in Georgia in these and other types of related scenarios:
  • The owner or manager of the bar was told about an unsafe condition, such as a threat of violence from a customer, but failed to take action.
  • Poor bar lighting makes it difficult to see and walk safely through the club, parking lot or restroom.
  • The owner or manager did not take prompt action in a possibly dangerous situation, such as when a drunk customer was making sexual advances that were not desired by another party.
  • History of prior incidents at the bar, or a history of bar fight injuries.
  • Serving more alcohol to a customer who is clearly intoxicated.
Depending upon the facts of the bar fight case, it is possible that a Georgia personal injury attorney could discover liability on the part of the following parties:
  • Bar manager
  • Bar owner
  • Patrons
  • Bouncer or security personnel
  • Waitress/waiter
  • Other employee.

Negligent Security and Bar Fights

A bar may have negligent security, which can lead to a fight and serious personal injuries. Some of the possible examples of negligent security are:
  • No security personnel or bouncers at all
  • Lack of security rules and plans
  • Lack of video cameras in the parking lot or bar
  • Failure to comply with state laws regarding security
  • Failure to protect bar customers from foreseeable harm.
A premises liability claim can be a large case. The Mann Law Firm has settled a premises liability claim in the past for $1 million. We also have settled a negligent security case for $450,000.

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