October 21 Kicks off Teen Driver Safety Week

October 21 Kicks off Teen Driver Safety WeekMillions of parents worry every day about how safe their teenager is when they get behind the wheel. Statistics show that young drivers are in the most accidents. The CDC reports that 2,533 teenagers were killed in car accidents in 2015, and 235,800 were treated in ERs for car accident injuries. Also, one in three teens in the U.S. say they text while driving. What are some ways that young drivers can be encouraged to drive safely? One way is to remind teens for a week every year about the importance of driving responsibly. National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) will take place from October 21-27 this year. NTDSW has been designated to increase awareness and find solutions to prevent teen injuries and deaths on America’s roads. NTDSW is now in its 11th year, and this powerful grassroots movement has brought millions of people together – teens, parents, law enforcement, advocates, schools and policymakers – to deal with the top cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. – car accidents. National Teen Driver Safety Week seeks all sorts of changes to increase safety for teenagers as they get behind the wheel. From seat belt safety checks to a safe driving pledge, to meeting with politicians and holding safe-teen-driver meetings, NTDSW is being used every year as a platform to create changes in how teenagers drive. Many adults and teens think that the best way to teach young adults about the importance of safe driving is to scare them. But research shows that this type of message is rarely effective. Trying to frighten young people with images of terrible car accidents and other negative messages can overwhelm them and cause them to shut down. Research indicates that most teenagers know that driving carelessly is risky, and they understand they are vulnerable. Experts recommend that focusing on positive actions that young drivers can take to stay safe can be the best way to encourage teens to adopt safe driving practices.

Teen Driver Tips to Stay Safe

Hopefully, positive messaging during National Teen Driver Safety Week and year-round will help teens to drive safely. Plus, experts say that the following tips will keep teen drivers safe:
  • Turn off your cell phone while driving.
  • Never text and drive.
  • Turn on your headlights.
  • Always go the speed limit and slow down when there is bad weather.
  • No distractions – no cell phones, eating, drinking, or playing loud music while driving.

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