What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?Inattentive drivers. Poorly maintained vehicles. Defectively designed products. Improperly trained medical staff. Unsafe workplaces. These are just a few of the many dangers that regularly occur to unsuspecting people, resulting in personal injury,  shattering their lives, and leaving them asking, “What is my personal injury case worth?”. When you are harmed due to someone else’s actions, you have the right to seek compensation and be made as close to whole again as possible. While money cannot erase the bad experience or even always make up for the loss, it can allow you the time and resources you need to recover.


There two main types of damages that may be available in personal injury cases, depending on the circumstances.

Compensatory damages (also known as actual damages)

These are the most commonly awarded damages and are intended to make up for the economic losses suffered by the injured party, such as medical bills, repair bills, wages lost due to missed work, and wages lost in the future from a reduced capacity to work. They can also address subjective, non-economic losses like emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

Punitive damages

This type of damages may be awarded when the party causing the injury acted in a grossly negligent, malicious, or reckless way. They are intended to punish egregious behavior and deter the party from repeating it. Sometimes the mere threat of seeking punitive damages will prompt the defense to offer a larger settlement.


There is no one simple way to put a dollar amount on the consequences of negligence. Determining how much should be awarded to put a person in the position he or she would have been in if the injury had not occurred is not easy and must take into account several past, present, and future items that vary from case to case. Factors include whether the victim shares any responsibility for causing the accident, the nature of the injuries, the severity of the injuries, whether there is insurance coverage available, the strength of the evidence, and the credibility of the parties.


The value of any particular personal injury case is affected by degree of fault. In Georgia, those who are injured can recover damages even if they are partly to blame as long as they were less than 50 percent responsible. Known as “modified comparative fault,” this system of allocating liability means that you can collect damages even if you bear some blame for the accident as long as your part was less than half of the cause. Any recovery is reduced by your degree of fault, which can be tricky to determine. That’s one of many reasons why you should obtain legal assistance.

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Consulting with a lawyer is recommended wherever reckless actions result in harm. For more than 50 years, the Mann Law Firm has helped Macon and Middle Georgia residents who have suffered personal injuries obtain the compensation for their losses that they deserve. We advise and assist people who have been injured or lost loved ones in auto accidents and trucking accidents, and with a variety of other personal injury and wrongful death claims. An experienced lawyer can help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free case consultation by calling 1-478-742-3381 or by filling out our online form.