Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction Industry get OSHA Attention

Slips-Trips-and-Falls-in-Construction-Industry-get-OSHA-Attention-ImageSlips, trips and falls are collectively the third-leading cause of death for Georgia workers. In 2011, a reported 107 Georgia residents were fatally injured on the job, and 14 percent of those deaths were the result of some type of fall. Most of the falls occurred in the construction industry. According to the 2011 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,609 deaths – nearly 13 people per day – resulted from work-related injuries. Of those deaths, 17.5 percent were in the construction industry, with falls cited as the leading cause of death. The 2011 numbers were the lowest annual total since 1992, when the statistics were first tracked. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the agency charged with workplace safety, has stepped up its effort to prevent falls in the construction industry. The agency has partnered with the League of Municipalities with its “plan, provide and train” campaign. Employers know that noncompliance with OSHA standards can mean fines, but it can also mean serious injuries for workers and potential high dollar liability. Construction accidents often have a clearly identifiable cause such as defective safeguards or handrails. A common construction accident is a fall from a defective scaffold.

What should you do if you are injured in a fall at work?

  • Report the accident to your employer
  • Get a copy of the accident report or injury report
  • Get the names of witnesses
  • Take photos of the scene
  • Get medical attention
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