Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Safety TipsTens of millions of Americans travel over the long Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with the people they care about the most – 48.7 million traveled 50 or miles from home in 2016, AAA estimates. But all of the extra traveling and other activities at Thanksgiving lead to a higher number of cooking and car accidents. Consider:
  • The American Red Cross states that the additional cooking duties over Thanksgiving leads to a higher number of house fires.
  • A higher number of travelers on the highways cause more traffic accidents. The National Safety Council estimates that the six-year average for fatal traffic accidents around the Thanksgiving holiday from 2008-2013 was 407 per year.
The Mann Law Firm wants you to have the happiest and safest Thanksgiving possible. To ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe over this wonderful American holiday, experts recommend you follow these simple tips below.

For Traveling Safely

Drivers should carefully check what the weather will be on their route. This will allow for extra time for any hazardous weather. Everyone in the vehicle should use their seat belts. Of course, no one should ever drink and drive, as this causes thousands of fatal car accidents every year. Drivers also should be fully rested and ready for their long drive. Cell phones should be used only when you are not driving. Other tips include:
  • Do not speed. Obey the speed limit at all times; you may need to drive under the speed limit at night and in bad weather.
  • Drive slowly in work zones and use extra caution.
  • On long trips, make sure that you rotate drivers every two or three hours.
  • Do not tailgate. It will not get you to your destination any faster, and it may cause a serious accident.
  • Turn on headlights when it starts to get dark and when you have to use your windshield wipers.

For Cooking Safely

Thanksgiving Day usually involves cooking all sorts of delicious things. But did you know that Thanksgiving Day is the annual peak for home cooking fires? There were 1,760 home cooking fires in 2015 reported to U.S. fire departments. If you are cooking for the holiday, keep these ideas in mind for safety’s sake:
  • Cooks should not wear loose clothing around the stove.
  • Use a timer to remind you that the stove is on.
  • Keep your pets and small children away from cooking areas.
  • Be careful with anything that can catch fire around the stove. This includes pot holders, oven mitts, plastic or wooden utensils, paper and plastic, curtains, etc.
  • Keep knives from children.
  • Check that all smoke alarms are functioning.
  • Clean all cooking surfaces every two hours to avoid grease fires.
  • Watch out for flat, porcelain stovetops – it is easy to set something flammable on the stovetop without realizing it is on.
  • Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen for an emergency.

We Wish You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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