Why Georgia Police Like the New Hands-Free Law

Why Georgia Police Like the New Hands-Free LawPolice departments throughout Georgia vowed in 2018 to really drop the hammer on texting and driving. They did exactly that. New data from the state shows that more than 8,000 traffic tickets were handed out by the Georgia State Patrol since the Hands-Free Law began on July 1, 2018. This was the most significant change in the traffic laws of the state in many years. According to Trooper Cory Croscutt, the purpose of the law is just to keep people safe. He noted that troopers are on the look out daily for people talking on cell phones that are not hands-free. A reporter from Channel 2 in Gwinnett County rode with the trooper in early January on his daily route. He noted that Croscutt’s eyes were always looking around for any signs of drivers swerving or other signs the driver was not paying attention to the road. He noted that people have had plenty of warning about the new law. After the law had been in effect for six months, he said that he stopped giving warnings and mostly tickets. The trooper said the results of the new law have been positive; he is not seeing nearly as many drivers using their phones as they drive. Also, the hands-free law could be having an effect on the number of accidents and fatalities. Channel 2 Action News reviewed the numbers for 2018, and the number of fatalities has dropped from the year before. The data  show there were 1,500 car accident deaths in 2017 and there were 100 fewer in 2018.

More Fiddling, Distracted Drivers With Cell Phones in US

Even though data in Georgia is promising, there seem to be more people across the US fiddling with their cell phones as they drive. They may not be talking as much, but they are texting and surfing the Internet, both of which are very dangerous. These were the findings of a new study that compared studies that were done in 2014 and 2018 of Northern Virginia drivers. The new study suggested drivers are using their phones in more dangerous ways. It showed that people are talking less on them but using them more as they drive. Based upon research, the risk of a deadly crash is 66% higher when a driver is controlling a hand-held phone. It is estimated that at least 800 national crash deaths on U.S. roads in 2017 were due to texting or otherwise distracted drivers.

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While there has been progress in Georgia in reducing the menace of texting and driving, problems still abound. There still are some drivers who text and drive and injure pedestrians and other drivers and passengers. If you are injured in such a car accident, make sure you call on The Mann Law Firm to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. Contact us today.