For more than 50 years, the Mann Law Firm has helped Macon and Middle Georgia residents who have suffered personal injuries secure compensation for their losses.

We advise and assist people who have been injured or lost loved ones in auto accidents and trucking accidents, and with a variety of other personal injury and wrongful death claims. We also help Middle Georgia residents with workplace injury compensation claims and appeals.

If you or a loved one of yours has suffered a serious injury at the hands of another person or business/organization anywhere in the Middle Georgia area, an experienced Macon, GA personal injury lawyer from the Mann Law Firm can help you obtain the compensation for your losses that you deserve. For a free case consultation: Call (478) 742-3381 or contact us online.

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For more than 50 years, the Mann Law Firm has helped Macon and Middle Georgia residents who have suffered personal injuries. We are from Macon, GA and are proud to live and work in a community that has shown us such warm friendship and support over the decades. When one of our neighbors or co-workers is injured in an accident or through someone’s negligence, we understand there is a need for immediate assistance. Attorney David Mann can help with your next steps.

“When you hire me, you hire me. You’re not hiring a paralegal or a junior associate.”

Macon, GA Personal Injury LawyerPersonal injuries happen every day and in every situation – on the road, at work, at home, and in the hospital, grocery store or shopping mall. An injured person might recover over a period of weeks, months or longer while not being able to work to pay for such expenses as primary medical care, medicine, therapy and rehabilitation, in-home care, a wheelchair, and property damage, such as to repair or replace a car after a wreck. People who are injured by others deserve to be compensated for their losses, but aggressive legal help is usually required to realize that goal.

Help Investigating Your Case

Georgia law allows for a personal injury lawsuit to be filed as a way to seek relief and provide compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. One of the most important ways our personal injury lawyers can assist you is during the investigation of the accident. Whether the incident occurred in a vehicle wreck, while on-the-job or in a public space there are sometimes multiple at-fault parties and overlapping insurance policies. Our thorough investigation can help you more fully understand what happened, what went wrong, and who may be liable.

Help Protecting Your Interests

When it comes to handling injuries and accidents, it is important to remember that the police are neutral and not in a position to investigate or protect your individual circumstances. Employers are often pressured to do the least to resolve a work injury – wanting to wrap it up quickly in order to get back to business-as-usual. And, insurance companies are already ‘lawyered-up’, working hard to protect their bottom-line. You need an advocate working on your side.

Help With the Insurance Companies

Macon, GA personal injury lawyer David Mann is involved in every case. David left larger firms, including work as a lawyer for a large insurance company, to join his family law firm. This work with insurance companies provided invaluable insight about their defense strategies that helps us better serve our clients.

“It really helps to know what the tactics are on the defense side. Once you file a lawsuit, it helps to know both sides of the fence; it helps you to know what’s coming before it comes and to better plan for it.”

Help Securing Compensation

The Mann Law Firm has helped hundreds of Middle Georgia residents during the hardest times of their lives, and we understand the impact a serious injury or an unexpected death has on a family. The Mann Law Firm provides the personal touch that the sensitive issues surrounding personal injury and wrongful death cases deserve. We believe that people who suffer losses because of other people’s recklessness or negligence deserve to be compensated, and the Mann Law Firm provides the aggressive legal help required to realize that goal.

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Bad News for Workplace Safety in 2017 

Bad News for Workplace Safety in 2017 

For modern employers, providing a safe and productive workplace for their employees is a top priority. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy task. At the end of 2017, the statistics of workplace fatalities for 2016 were finally tabulated, and with disturbing results. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a total of 5,190 fatal work injuries in 2016 throughout the United States, which was a 7% increase over the statistics from 2015. This data represented the first time that the 5,000 mark was breached since 2008. Disturbing Statistics for Workers and Employers Alike These statistics are disturbing, not just for workers who are at risk, but also for the employers that have to try to keep them safe on the job. A closer look at the statistics will show areas where risk is the highest. According to the most recent data as Business Insurance analyzed it, work injuries that involve vehicles and transportation incidents remain the most common type of fatal injury. About 40% of the total number of injuries were attributed to these types of injuries and accidents. What was sobering to note on the recent statistics was the fact that deaths due to violence in the workplace were up significantly. In fact, this was the second-most common fatal event, with 866 cases or 23% of the total number of cases. Workplace suicides increased significantly, from 62 to 291, which represented the highest number of workplace suicides since the first year the data was collected. Slip and fall accidents were the third-most common type of fatal accident in 2016, increasing by 6% over the previous year. Overdoses also increased and have been increasing steadily since 2012. While the data for 2017 is not yet tabulated, these statistics show an upward trend that likely continued into 2017, and that is disturbing to both employers and employees. What These Statistics Mean to Employers These statistics are alarming to employers, because they represent a trend in failing to provide a safe workplace for employees. According to OSHA, an employer is required to “provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards.” If a workplace is not free from serious recognized hazards and an employee is hurt or killed as a result, the employer is liable for the injury or death. An employer is also responsible to ensure that employees not only have the right safety tools and equipment, but also that they use it properly. The employer must make sure the equipment is properly maintained as well. Failure to do so could lead to liability if someone is injured or killed. What These Statistics Mean to Employees If you are an employee, you need to be aware of these statistics so you can make wise decisions on the job. However, you also need to be aware that your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe, hazard-free workplace for you. If you are injured on the job and the employer or the workplace is to blame, you have the right to seek compensation. If someone you love is killed on the job, you need to understand those rights in order to get the right compensation. If you have been injured, you need to seek legal counsel to understand your legal options. For workers in Georgia, attorney David Mann of the Mann Law Firm is ready to serve. Contact him at 478-742-3381 or, you can use our online form to set up a free consultation and learn... read more
What is Macon Planning to Curb Jump in Pedestrian Deaths?

What is Macon Planning to Curb Jump in Pedestrian Deaths?

The number of pedestrian deaths in the state of Georgia increased significantly last year. To combat this issue, Macon is taking steps to keep its residents safe on the streets. What Causes Pedestrian Deaths? Pedestrian deaths can occur for a number of reasons. In some cases, these deaths occur because drivers are distracted or ignoring the rules of the road. These deaths may also occur when pedestrians are not being as safe or careful as they should. For example, if a pedestrian crosses the road without a signal and/or crosses in an unsafe location, the risk of fatal injuries increases significantly. Pedestrian Death Statistics In 2017, approximately 1,454 people died on the roads in the state of Georgia. Although this is slightly lower than the number of deaths in 2016, the number of pedestrian fatalities increased by 20. In Macon specifically, an alarming number of pedestrian deaths have occurred in recent years. The number of deaths grew so high that Macon became the second-highest community in the state of Georgia for pedestrian deaths per capita. As a result of this increase, the community of Macon has sprung into action. How Macon Is Trying to Prevent Pedestrian Deaths People in Macon and all over the state of Georgia rely on walking to get from place to place. When these people don’t adhere to certain safety standards, however, they are more likely to be involved in accidents that may be fatal. Likewise, when drivers don’t pay attention to certain traffic laws, pedestrians are more likely to be injured. To limit pedestrian deaths in the area, Macon is launching the “On the Move” campaign. To finance this campaign, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is providing a grant in the amount of $20,785. The goal of this campaign is to address the education, cultural and other issues that cause people to cross roads in unsafe places. The Macon-Bibb Pedestrian Safety Review Board has also announced a new campaign known as “Cross the Walk,” which was designed to educate people about crossing the street safely. Six training sessions will be held at the Douglass Theatre. Macon has also planned a Pedestrian Safety Awareness Community Day in hopes of bringing awareness to the issue of safe pedestrian practices. In addition to promoting pedestrian safety in the community of Macon, the Macon-Bibb Pedestrian Safety Review Board also hopes to have an impact on the state and nation as a whole. The Board hopes to develop a pedestrian safety curriculum that could be used all across the nation. Justice for Victims Although pedestrians are sometimes at fault for their own accidents, many injuries or fatal accidents are caused by unsafe drivers. In cases where a driver is responsible for a pedestrian’s injury or death, the victim and/or the victim’s family may be entitled to compensation. Depending on the situation, the driver may be required to cover the victim’s medical expenses, lost wages, future estimated medical costs and more. If you or someone you love was involved in a pedestrian accident that led to injuries or death, you need to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Please call David Mann today at 478-742-3381 or, you can use our online form to set up a free consultation and learn more about your options under the... read more