Tractor trailer collision

When these “big rigs” collide with a passenger car or truck, the devastation that follows almost always befalls the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles.


Premises liability case

The Mann Law Firm helps victims and their families to recover compensation in premises liability claims in Macon and surrounding areas in Middle Georgia.


Premises liability case

We can represent customers, social guests, workers, children and families who claim harm due to negligent property owners and occupiers.


Dog bite case

Animal attacks leave lasting physical and emotional scars. There is no excuse for negligent owners and we work to secure compensation that can help with the healing process.


Negligent security case

Property owners and managers have an obligation to protect their customers and visitors with safety in mind.


Premises Liability

We handle a wide variety of cases involving residential properties, apartment complexes, office buildings, stores, shopping centers and restaurants.


Knee surgery case

“Do No Harm” – Unfortunately, some medical practitioners don’t always follow that standard of care.


Car Accident Injury

Knee injury in accident where client was cited for speeding.


Aggravation of prior knee injury.


Premises Liability

Slip and fall at a grocery store in south Georgia.

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