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We handle all steps in the process of filing your claim, disputing the claim amount, and settling your claim or going to trial to fight for you. You remain completely informed about the actions we are taking and our efforts to protect your rights. Let our workers’ comp lawyer in Dublin, GA, handle talking to adjusters while you remain stress free. We’ll gather all evidence and work to prove your case based on all of the losses you’ve incurred. We can handle all needs, including workers’ comp appeals if you’ve been denied benefits. We will:

  • Gather evidence, statements, and more to try to prove your case
  • Act as the communicator, so you don’t have to
  • Provide strategic legal guidance to achieve the best possible outcome in your case
  • Reduce your stress while we fight for your compensation
  • Work to prove the financial benefits you should receive.
If you’re tired of fighting for workers’ compensation benefits, call Mann Law Firm at (478) 742-3381. Our Dublin workers’ compensation lawyer will help you secure the payment you deserve.

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Mann Law Firm offers the Dublin workers’ comp lawyer you need to prove you deserve compensation benefits after your injury or illness at work. Throughout our history, we have worked to help our clients achieve the very best outcomes possible. We’re passionate and dedicated. When you choose us, you get:

  • Incredible Experience: View Attorney David Mann’s bio now. What you’ll notice is years of experience fighting for the rights of his clients. He also has a dedication to providing support and a stress-free process for his clients.
  • Results: Our verdicts and settlements speak for themselves. Throughout our history, we have helped our clients receive millions of dollars in compensation owed to them. We can help you, too.
  • Exceptional Support: Our client testimonials provide a clear understanding of just how reliable, communicative, and transparent we are with you. When you need an attorney that’s respected and aggressive, count on our firm.
When you need comprehensive legal support to overcome the challenges presented by high-powered workers’ compensation lawyers and insurance companies, you need Mann Law Firm. Set up a consultation now to discuss your case. Call (478) 742-3381 for an appointment.


You may be unsure whether you can claim benefits or how much you deserve. With the help of a Dublin, GA, workers’ compensation attorney, you will learn what all of your rights are. You may be eligible in several cases:

You Must Be an Employee of the Company

If you are a contract worker or freelancer, you may not be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Instead, you must be a legitimate employee.

However, there have been cases of independent contractors, like Uber drivers, who sued for workers’ compensation benefits. If you believe that you deserve coverage, you should speak with our attorney.

Your Employer Must Have Coverage

As we mentioned, not all employers are required to offer workers’ compensation in Georgia. But if your company has more than three employees, the owner should be legally obligated to secure coverage for those workers. This number includes both full-time and part-time employees.

Your Injury or Illness Must Be Related to the Job

This qualification seems as though it should be clear, but you would be surprised at how many gray-area situations we see. Generally speaking, if you become sick or injured while doing work that benefits your employer, you deserve compensation. If you are unsure whether your situation qualifies, Dublin workers’ comp lawyers can help you.

Additionally, you must meet the deadline for applying for workers’ comp benefits. The deadline will depend on the injury, industry, and other details. You can talk with our attorney for more detailed information.

The Two Types of Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefits

Within the world of workers’ compensation coverage, there are two main disability benefit categories to be aware of: temporary and permanent. We’ve broken each category down further in the sections below:

Temporary Disability Benefits

If your injury or illness temporarily disables you from working, you may be eligible for additional disability payments in the short term. In some cases, you may be able to perform partial work and have workers’ comp make up for the income you otherwise would have made.

In other cases, you may be completely unable to perform work until you have recovered. For both situations, workers’ comp disability benefits may offer up to two-thirds of the average weekly salary you were earning at the time of your injury or illness.

Permanent Disability Benefits

If a workplace injury or illness leaves you permanently unable to continue working, workers’ compensation offers permanent disability benefits. In these cases, a doctor must determine that your injury is permanent and that you will be unable to continue working for the next 12 months or longer.

If you are able to continue working but at a lower rate than you were receiving at the time of the injury, you will be assigned a disability rating. To learn more about the rating system and where your injury fits in, get in touch with our Dublin workers’ compensation attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Dublin Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Anyone who has ever tried to file a workers’ compensation claim knows that the process can be quite complicated. If your application has been denied or you simply don’t know where to start, turn to Mann Law Firm. Our Dublin workers’ comp lawyer, David Mann, has years of experience in this area of law.

To make the process even easier, we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions we receive about workers’ compensation. After reading, feel free to contact our Dublin workers’ compensation attorney with any questions you have remaining.

  • What does Georgia law say about workers’ compensation?

    Any time a business owner has three or more regular employees, the owner is required to pay for workers’ compensation coverage. This applies to both full-time and part-time employees, as long as the positions are regular.

    However, there are some exceptions to this rule, according to Georgia Code Section 34-9-2. Railroad workers, farm workers, independent contractors, and domestic servants are all excepted.

  • What if my employer doesn’t have coverage?

    If your employer is legally required to maintain workers’ compensation coverage and does not, you are well within your rights to file a lawsuit. You may also opt to look into any government programs that apply to your situation. In either case, an attorney can greatly help your efforts and support you through the process.

  • How do I file a claim?

    In Georgia, you have one year from the date of injury to file for workers’ comp benefits. To do so, you must contact the state’s Board of Workers’ Compensation to request a WC-14 form. Submit this form back to the state board and provide your employer with a copy as well.

  • How long can I expect to receive benefits?

    You may be able to receive benefits for up to 400 weeks, depending on the situation. For catastrophic injuries, you may even be eligible for lifetime benefits. As soon as you are able to return to work without restriction or limitation, your benefits will cease.

  • What happens if I die on the job?

    For any workplace death after July 1, 2019, dependents can make a claim for two-thirds of the decedent’s weekly wage before death. The dependent must be a surviving spouse, child, or dependent stepchild to be eligible. Again, our Dublin workers’ compensation attorney can further inform you about the details.

Know What Steps to Take Now by Calling Our Dublin Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Our Dublin workers’ comp lawyers are dedicated to helping you. Even if you’re unsure you have a case, your first step should always be to reach out to us with your questions. Let our Dublin, GA, workers’ compensation lawyer help you determine . . .

  • Whether your employer is responsible for your losses
  • The extent of damage and loss you’ve suffered
  • How to file a claim for what you are owed
  • How to overcome a denial of a claim
  • How to help you get all of the compensation owed to you.

Our Dublin worker’s comp lawyer is ready to assist you. To set up a consultation to discuss your case while we protect your privacy, call (478) 742-3381 today.

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