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Thousands of people are injured or killed every day in Georgia while driving to work, dropping off children at school, or stopping by the grocery store. Lives can change forever in the blink of an eye. If a driver has caused a wreck through carelessness or negligence, the person they injure deserves justice. Innocent drivers and pedestrians who have been injured because of another driver’s mistakes have a right to compensation for their financial losses, pain and suffering.
A Macon car accident lawyer at the Mann Law Firm helps Georgia residents who have been injured in auto accidents get the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured, or a member of your family has been killed in a car wreck, contact our Macon car accident attorneys today at (478) 742-3381 or through our online form for a free initial consultation about your legal options. We know that you’ve been through a lot and you need someone to stand up for you. David Mann is here to help.

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Auto Accident Topic Index

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Your First Steps After a Wreck

Automobiles are an essential part of our lives. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents that injure and kill drivers, passengers or pedestrians are a daily occurrence in our state. Georgia law recognizes that if a driver is at fault in a car crash that has resulted in injury or death, the injured parties deserve compensation. Georgia residents who suffer a personal injury in a car accident are entitled to payment that covers the cost of medical assistance, rehabilitation, vehicle repair or replacement, property damage, lost wages, pain, suffering and other losses.

After a fatal auto accident, a family may file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver to seek compensation for their losses. In cases of severe personal injury or wrongful death, a Georgia court may order the at-fault driver in a car accident to pay punitive damages in addition to the other expenses they will be required to cover.

After a vehicle accident, you will likely be disoriented. There are a few basic steps that you should take to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Injuries must be treated as soon as possible, and the authorities must be notified. While every crash is different, here are a few general principles to keep in mind after a vehicle accident…

  • 1. Call the police or sheriff’s department and request an accident report and an ambulance.
  • 2. If you are hurt at all, go to the emergency room immediately.
  • 3. If possible, take photos of your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle.
  • 4. Notify your insurance company of the accident.
  • 5. Do not sign anything or agree to a settlement with any insurance company before talking to an experienced auto accident attorney.



If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a car wreck anywhere in the Middle Georgia area, an experienced Macon car accident lawyer from the Mann Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses. At the Mann Law Firm, David Mann is involved in every case. David left larger firms, including work as an in-house counsel for a large insurance company, to join his family law firm and work to bring justice on behalf of injured residents of the Macon area.

At the Mann Law Firm, you will work with real people that know you are more than just a case number. Clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases need more than run-of-the-mill legal representation. They need a firm that understands their situation and will do whatever is necessary to get them the compensation they deserve. Contact a Macon car accident lawyer at the Mann Law Firm today at (888) 339-2185 or through our online form to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation about your case.


Many car accidents involve only one vehicle. And not all of them are the fault of the driver. When you’re behind the wheel, if someone impedes your driving path — be it another vehicle, a pedestrian, or a cyclist — and you are involved in an accident due to this party’s carelessness, your attorney can often find them and sue them for damages. If that isn’t an option, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. They should honor your claim. If they don’t, you need a lawyer to hold them accountable. If you’re a passenger in someone else’s vehicle and the driver’s negligence leads to a single car crash, you have the right to sue him or her for medical bills, lost income when you can’t work, pain and suffering, and other damages.


First, if a lawyer gives you a dollar value right away, don’t trust it. They could be making unrealistic promises, or they may try to persuade you to settle for less than your case is actually worth for a variety of reasons that are not in your best interests. Costs associated with your injury (medical expenses, lost income, your pain and suffering) can vary between thousands and millions of dollars. And there’s no crystal ball that tells any attorney what the value will be without thorough investigations, which don’t happen in a just a day or two.


It’s really rather simple. Were you injured and are you suffering financial losses due to an accident? Was someone (or an entity, such as a business, for example) responsible for causing the accident that injured you? And did this person or entity act negligently, or in a manner in which another prudent party would not have acted? If the answer is “yes” to all three questions, you may have a solid claim.


A variety of injuries happen to people in a vehicle accident, from minor to life-threatening. They include head, brain, and spinal trauma; broken bones; internal organ damage; facial injuries, which could require repeated cosmetic surgeries; burns, which are extremely painful; and limbs which may be so mangled they require amputation. Some accident victims suffer lifetime paralysis. Those who suffer severe head trauma (TBI) are often never the same. And since over 35,000 die on our roads every year, that’s a lot of wrongful deaths. Insurance companies guard their negligent clients, so if you or a family member is injured in a car wreck, your only chance at fair compensation is with a seasoned accident lawyer.


Just because you can’t see or feel an injury immediately after a car accident doesn’t mean you’re not hurt. Even in minor car wrecks, internal bleeding, whiplash, injured organs and other physical harm can happen. Assuming that you’re fine is dangerous, because untreated injuries you sustain will likely get worse without medical attention. And accurate documentation of your injuries is vital to a winning insurance claim.

The Georgia DOT says further that driver error is to blame for most car accidents in the state.

These are the most common driver mistakes that lead to car wrecks:

  • Following too closely
  • Failure to yield right-of-way
  • Speeding
  • Improper lane change
  • Disregarding a stoplight or stop sign
  • Failure to maintain control of the vehicle

The CASI Notebook says fatal car crashes in Georgia are most often caused by:

  • Loss of control of the vehicle (Loss of control usually has its own cause, which increasingly is a form of distracted driving, such as texting while driving.)
  • Illegal speed (i.e., speeding) or unsafe speed
  • Driving left of center
  • Failure to yield
  • Alcohol or drug impairment (drunk or drugged driving)
  • Driver condition (such as fatigued driving).

Anyone can be hurt or lose a loved one in a car crash.

What the Statistics Tell Us About Georgia Vehicle Accidents

The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) says in its most recent Crash Analysis, Statistics & Information (CASI) Notebook that each day about 2,400 people are involved in car accidents in the state. About 360 people are injured in auto accidents every day, and about 30 people die in car wrecks in Georgia every week.

Car insurance may be the first thing to come to mind after an accident, but all too often after a wreck resulting in major injuries, the victim’s losses exceed minimum coverage requirements. Injured drivers also find out too often that the at-fault driver doesn’t even have car insurance. When you do deal with an insurance company, it is best to keep in mind that insurance firms profit by paying as little as possible for claims. This holds true for “your” insurance company and the other driver’s insurer. What’s best for you is not what’s best for them.

An experienced auto accident lawyer at the Mann Law Firm can help. When you hire a lawyer, you’re hiring an advocate that will fight for your best interests. People who are injured or suffer other significant losses in motor vehicle crashes deserve to be compensated for their losses, but aggressive legal help is usually required to realize that goal.

How a Macon Car Accident Attorney Can Help

The moment you hire us, a thorough investigation of your accident and injuries begins. We deal firmly and aggressively with the defendant’s insurance company to ensure you are taken advantage of. When a competent attorney becomes involved in a claim, the settlement value of a car accident claim typically increases significantly. And once we are involved, you are fully insulated from all insurance company harassment because they must deal with only your lawyers. We can bring you results and a lot of peace of mind. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call David Mann to schedule a free consultation. We earn no fee unless we win your case.

Featured from the Georgia Legal Blog
Here’s Where Georgia Ranks in Drunk Driving Study

Here’s Where Georgia Ranks in Drunk Driving Study

A recent study conducted by Safewise ranked the U.S. states to determine which states have the largest number of drunk drivers. The survey also identified the states with a higher drunk driving danger than the ones where the roads are safer according to statistical analysis. The Sidewise study found Georgia ranked No. 21 out of 50. Based upon the methodology used in the study, Georgia had 3.51 deaths per capita in the year the study was done – 2017. The state with the most drunk driving deaths per capita was Wyoming, with 7.59 deaths per 100,000 people that year. How Safewise Conducted Its Research The researchers used newly-released information from the NHTSA, which shows the number of drunk driving deaths in all states in the year 2017. Then, they compared the numbers from that report for each state to the Census population numbers in 2017 to pinpoint the safest and most dangerous roads. Georgia Shows Progress, But More Work to Be Done Our Middle Georgia personal injury attorneys are relieved that Georgia is not at the top of this notorious list. Drunk driving fatalities are a menace and a curse to our roads around the country. We hope that Georgia police crack down even more on drunk drivers, so that someday we will see no more fatalities from this scourge on Georgia roads. If you are ever injured by a drunk driver, know that Georgia is unique in that it offers financial assistance to the victims of drunk drivers. If you complete an application with the state’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, you could receive this compensation: Medical expenses up to $15,000 Funeral expenses up to $6,000 Counseling expenses up to $3,000 Economic support expenses up to $10,000 Crime scene sanitization up to $1,500. Georgia also has a process where you can apply to have a memorial sign put up for any victim of a fatal drunk driving accident. It should be noted that not every victim will qualify for the compensation. Each application is reviewed in detail. The general qualifications to get victim compensation are: The victim of the DUI crash died or had very serious injuries. The victim was not responsible for the accident. The police were called within 72 hours of the accident. The victim attempted to get compensation through auto and health insurance policies. If all else fails, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver. Not only could that driver get serious jail time, they may also have to pay you for your injuries or compensate you for the death of your loved one. Were You Hurt By a Drunk Driver? Talk to The Mann Law Firm Now. Drunk driving is still a serious problem in Georgia and across our country. If you or your loved one was injured by a drunk driver, you have a strong personal injury lawsuit claim. Be sure to reach out to the Mann Law Firm today for a free consultation about your accident... read more
Is There Any Way to Fix Deadly I-75?

Is There Any Way to Fix Deadly I-75?

A recent media report noted that a Nashville resident and his wife drive from Tennessee to Florida via Georgia several times per year. Mark Quarles stated that he always notices the heavy traffic and high speed as drivers cross from Georgia into Florida. Quarles said that he always sees a lot of speeding near the border and there are many state troopers on the roads in South Georgia. This fact is notable because in early January, several people died on I-75 in a fiery crash, and two others died two days later in another crash. This was the deadliest day in Alachua County since a major pile-up on the interstate killed 11 in January 2012. Vehicle wrecks in 2017 killed more than 50 people in northern Florida in Alachua County, which was the most in 10 years. It also was the first time in more than a decade that there were more deaths in Alachua than in more populous Marion County. After all of the recent accidents on this dangerous highway, the I-75 Relief Task Force spent more than a year looking at the problem. The ultimate recommendation was to make improvements to the highway instead of constructing a new road. A Coastal Connector also was considered after evacuees from Hurricane Irma caused a massive, hours-long traffic jam on I-75. The connector would expand the Suncoast Parkway in western Marion and Alachua counties so they connect with I-10 close to Lake City. Florida officials say there is little doubt that much of I-75 in Florida and Georgia is at maximum capacity. Solving this issue involves reducing the number of people on the road for local travel. Also, segregating truck lanes could help to reduce the number of accidents. More recommendations include better passenger rail and bus service and automatic enforcement of current laws for the road. None of these recommendations require any new roads to be built. I-75 Also a Headache in Georgia Florida is not the only state that deals with serious accidents on this busy highway. In recent months, Georgia has seen its share of fatal accidents on I-75. For example, a woman was killed and her passenger seriously injured on Dec. 15, 2018, in Cobb County when an SUV and a small car collided on the road. As Georgia personal injury attorneys, we think it is a shame that serious car accidents continue to lead to injuries and deaths on I-75. It is our hope that officials in both states will be able to have a meeting of the minds and prevent these terrible crashes. Have You Been Injured on a Georgia Highway? Talk to The Mann Law Firm Now. There are still far too many serious and often fatal traffic accidents on Georgia freeways. If you are hurt in a serious car accident due to another driver or a defect or design flaw in the road, you could be entitled to compensation in civil court. Please contact The Mann Law Firm serving Middle Georgia today for a free... read more