For more than 50 years, the Mann Law Firm has helped Macon and Middle Georgia residents who have suffered personal injuries secure compensation for their losses.

We advise and assist people who have been injured or lost loved ones in auto accidents and trucking accidents, and with a variety of other personal injury and wrongful death claims. We also help Middle Georgia residents with workplace injury compensation claims and appeals.

If you or a loved one of yours has suffered a serious injury at the hands of another person or business/organization anywhere in the Middle Georgia area, an experienced Macon, GA personal injury lawyer from the Mann Law Firm can help you obtain the compensation for your losses that you deserve. For a free case consultation: Call (478) 742-3381 or contact us online.

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For more than 50 years, the Mann Law Firm has helped Macon and Middle Georgia residents who have suffered personal injuries. We are from Macon, GA and are proud to live and work in a community that has shown us such warm friendship and support over the decades. When one of our neighbors or co-workers is injured in an accident or through someone’s negligence, we understand there is a need for immediate assistance. Attorney David Mann can help with your next steps.

“When you hire me, you hire me. You’re not hiring a paralegal or a junior associate.”

Macon, GA Personal Injury LawyerPersonal injuries happen every day and in every situation – on the road, at work, at home, and in the hospital, grocery store or shopping mall. An injured person might recover over a period of weeks, months or longer while not being able to work to pay for such expenses as primary medical care, medicine, therapy and rehabilitation, in-home care, a wheelchair, and property damage, such as to repair or replace a car after a wreck. People who are injured by others deserve to be compensated for their losses, but aggressive legal help is usually required to realize that goal.

Help Investigating Your Case

Georgia law allows for a personal injury lawsuit to be filed as a way to seek relief and provide compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. One of the most important ways our personal injury lawyers can assist you is during the investigation of the accident. Whether the incident occurred in a vehicle wreck, while on-the-job or in a public space there are sometimes multiple at-fault parties and overlapping insurance policies. Our thorough investigation can help you more fully understand what happened, what went wrong, and who may be liable.

Help Protecting Your Interests

When it comes to handling injuries and accidents, it is important to remember that the police are neutral and not in a position to investigate or protect your individual circumstances. Employers are often pressured to do the least to resolve a work injury – wanting to wrap it up quickly in order to get back to business-as-usual. And, insurance companies are already ‘lawyered-up’, working hard to protect their bottom-line. You need an advocate working on your side.

Help With the Insurance Companies

Macon, GA personal injury lawyer David Mann is involved in every case. David left larger firms, including work as a lawyer for a large insurance company, to join his family law firm. This work with insurance companies provided invaluable insight about their defense strategies that helps us better serve our clients.

“It really helps to know what the tactics are on the defense side. Once you file a lawsuit, it helps to know both sides of the fence; it helps you to know what’s coming before it comes and to better plan for it.”

Help Securing Compensation

The Mann Law Firm has helped hundreds of Middle Georgia residents during the hardest times of their lives, and we understand the impact a serious injury or an unexpected death has on a family. The Mann Law Firm provides the personal touch that the sensitive issues surrounding personal injury and wrongful death cases deserve. We believe that people who suffer losses because of other people’s recklessness or negligence deserve to be compensated, and the Mann Law Firm provides the aggressive legal help required to realize that goal.

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OSHA Fines Goodyear for Workplace Safety Violations

OSHA Fines Goodyear for Workplace Safety Violations

OSHA recently levied a $70,000 fine against a Georgia Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. plant for failing to follow federal workplace safety rules that presented danger to workers. Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors handed seven serious citations to Goodyear in January 2018 after an audit of its factory in Social Circle. According to the inspection report, inspectors found the following violations: Failure to provide safety and protective gear to employees tasked with processing rubber through hot metal presses; temperatures exceeded 350 degrees. Hazards were presented to workers from unguarded machines, standing rainwater and leaking equipment that presented a risk of slip and fall injuries on the production floor. The OSHA inspection team found several safety problems at the Social Circle plant that put workers at risk of death or serious injury, stated William Fulcher, the OSHA area office director in Atlanta. He stressed that possible workplace hazards must be regularly assessed by company management and be eliminated to ensure that workers are safe on the job. Goodyear is in the process of contesting the fines. A Goodyear spokesperson said in an email that the company gave its full cooperation during the inspection. Now it is following the standard process for responding to violations. This is not the first time in recent years that Goodyear has been on the radar for worker safety problems. An investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting last year showed that a lax approach to worker safety had contributed to worker deaths in factories, as well as deaths of motorists on American roads. Goodyear has ranked among the top five manufacturers in the U.S. for worker fatalities since 2009, according to the Reveal analysis. Four motorists have died since 2011 in accidents because of Goodyear tire failures. Those tires were produced in plants where high production demands and water leaks have presented worker dangers, according to Reveal. Court documents and former employees in Goodyear plants in Danville, VA, and Fayetteville, NC, have reported that water leaked regularly through the roof and even onto machines. Workers in those plants also reported they felt pressure from management to place production ahead of worker safety. Common Workplace Accident Injuries in Georgia Workplace injuries are common in Georgia; the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 82,000 nonfatal workplace injuries in the Peach State in 2016. This was an incidence rate of 2.7 cases per 100 full-time workers. If you are hurt, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But do not be surprised if your company delays or denies your claim. In a dispute, it is critical to contact a Georgia workplace injury attorney to help you get the benefits you deserve. Common workplace injuries our personal injury law firm has seen in its 50 years of practice include: Sprains, tears and strains Bone fractures Cuts and lacerations Amputations Thermal burns and heat injuries Chemical burns Tendonitis Carpal tunnel syndrome. Injured in a Georgia Workplace Accident? Contact Us Today. If you or a loved one suffered a serious workplace injury in a factory, you could be entitled to compensation beyond workers’ comp benefits if the company violated any workplace safety rules. The Mann Law Firm is highly experienced helping Georgia workers who have been injured on the job due to company negligence. Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation about your workplace injury... read more
Mann Blog – a Cautionary Tale for Self-Driving Cars

Mann Blog – a Cautionary Tale for Self-Driving Cars

If you have read national news in the past few weeks, you probably heard about the fatal self-driving Uber car accident in Tempe, Arizona, that killed a pedestrian. It is thought to be the first fatality caused by a fully autonomous vehicle. As self-driving cars become more common, it will be important for drivers and pedestrians to understand the risks and issues involved with these controversial vehicles. They will likely become more prevalent on Georgia roads in the coming years, and it is possible you could even be involved in an accident with one. What Happened in the Crash? A self-driving Uber Volvo SUV ran over a 49-year-old woman in Tempe as she was walking her bike across a road in mid-March 2018.  Preliminary accident information from local police found the car was going 40 mph in a 35 mph zone. The 44-year-old Uber test driver was behind the wheel when the crash occurred, but he was not driving. It appears the vehicle did not brake before hitting the woman. Why Was a Driver in the Car? The car was in its autonomous mode when the fatal accident happened. This means the car was driving under the control of its computer. During such tests, a live driver sits behind the wheel as a precaution. Police said there was no evidence the driver was impaired. What Is Uber Doing After the Accident? Uber stated last month it has suspended the testing of self-driving vehicles in the U.S. and Canada. It has conducted such tests in Arizona, Pittsburgh, Toronto and other metro areas. Uber also stated it is cooperating with the police in the investigation. Uber has grounded other vehicles after an accident involving self-driving cars. Uber briefly suspended operation of self-driving cars after one flipped on its side in Tempe. Why Arizona? Arizona is one of the states where Uber has been conducting self-driving car tests. The Arizona governor has signed an executive order that allows self-driving vehicles to drive on roads in the state, even without a test driver. Also, Arizona has generally good weather, and is a good testing ground for self-driving vehicles. Waymo is a self-driving part of Google and it recently launched a self-driving car service in Phoenix. GM and Intel are also conducting such tests in Arizona. What Are the Liability Ramifications For Self-Driving Car Accidents? There currently are six levels of driving automation, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Zero means total human control, and six is fully autonomous and self-driving. Last year USA Today reported that the level of automation of self-driving vehicles is now at a two or below. Anything that is below level three would most likely find the human driver or occupant of the vehicle liable. This would apply to both personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits in Georgia and other parts of the country. Were You Injured In a Car Accident? Speak with a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Today. The Mann Law Firm knows how to assist Macon and Middle Georgia citizens who have been in car accidents, including accidents involving self-driving vehicles. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you to get the compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries. Please reach out to us today for a complimentary legal... read more