The Mann Law Firm helps residents of Macon and Middle Georgia who have been harmed by the negligent or reckless acts of others. We believe that people who suffer at the hands of another person, business or organization deserve to be compensated for their losses.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, our lawyers promise to listen to your case and advise you of your legal options with the sensitivity that personal injury and wrongful death cases deserve. When we take your case, we will deliver aggressive and unwavering legal advocacy on your behalf.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, or if a member of your family has been killed, contact the Mann Law Firm today at 478-742-3381 or through our online form for a free initial consultation about your legal options.

Let The Mann Law Firm Help You

People who are injured or suffer other significant losses because of other people’s or organizations’ actions have the right to seek compensation to make them financially whole. The Mann Law Firm aggressively pursues personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of unjustly injured individuals and families in Macon and the other communities of Middle Georgia.

Let the Mann Law Firm provide the legal assistance you need if you have been harmed in an incident involving:

  • Car Accidents. Georgia residents injured in car accidents are entitled to seek compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and other expenses and losses.
  • Personal Injury. Recovery from a personal injury in an accident can be a lengthy, expensive and painful process. When the “accident” is actually someone’s fault, the injured party deserves financial consideration.
  • Truck Accidents. Accidents involving collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger cars often result in devastating injuries to people in the smaller vehicles. Truck drivers are protected by trucking company lawyers when they are involved in wrecks, but the Mann Law Firm stands up for those who have been hurt by negligent or reckless truckers.
  • Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ compensation is meant to pay medical, rehabilitation and income benefits for workers who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, workers’ comp is not automatic. Workers’ comp benefits are often denied or are not enough to cover the injured worker’s needs. We can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.
  • Wrongful Death. When someone’s negligence or recklessness causes a family to lose a loved one on whom they depended financially and emotionally, the surviving family members deserve to be compensated for their loss.

When you hire a lawyer from the Mann Law Firm, that lawyer becomes your attorney, working with your best interests at heart. People who are injured or suffer other significant losses at the hands of others deserve to be compensated for their losses, but aggressive legal help is usually required to realize that goal.

Contact The Mann Law Firm Today

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an incident anywhere in the Middle Georgia area that was the fault of another person, business or organization, the Mann Law Firm can help you obtain the compensation that you are entitled to for your losses.

At the Mann Law Firm, David Mann is involved in each case. David left larger firms, including a position as the in-house counsel for a large insurance company, to join his family law firm and seek justice for Macon-area residents who have been injured by others. The Mann Law Firm provides the personal touch and sensitivity that personal injury and wrongful death cases deserve.

Contact the Mann Law Firm today at 478-742-3381 in Macon, Dublin, Warner Robins or Milledgeville, or through our online form, to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation about your case.

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Attorney David Mann

Attorney David MannBefore leading his own firm, Mann served for several years as in-house defense counsel for a large insurance company, which gives him unique insight into how insurance companies work. He uses this critical knowledge as an advantage for his clients. He is a tough negotiator and litigator, and he is exceptionally strategic in building cases on behalf of personal injury victims.[ Attorney Bio ]


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