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    Medical professionals are required to treat patients with “a reasonable degree of care and skill.”

    If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to suspected medical malpractice, a lawyer can play a significant role in setting things right. No, an attorney can’t undo the harm. However, an attorney can seek the answers you deserve and the compensation you need to move on in life. At the Mann Law Firm, our medical malpractice lawyers strive to help medical malpractice victims and their families throughout Macon and Middle Georgia. To learn more, call us today or contact us online. We can provide a free review of the medical records and other evidence in your case, consult with highly qualified medical experts and determine whether a medical negligence claim should be pursued.

    Medical Professionals Are Held to a Standard of Care

    Under Georgia law, medical professionals are required to treat patients with “a reasonable degree of care and skill.” This standard applies to a wide range of medical professionals and institutions. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and others must meet this level of care. The standard applies to any care or treatment these medical professionals provide, including diagnoses, prescriptions and surgical services.
    If an injury or death results from one or more of these medical professionals failing to live up to this standard of care, then it is a case of medical malpractice. With the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney, compensation can be pursued.
    The funds sought in a medical malpractice lawsuit can cover one’s economic losses such as added medical expenses and lost income. It can also cover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. (No cap can be placed on these non-economic damages.) In some cases, you may be able to recover punitive damages that are aimed at punishing health care professionals for their willful misconduct, malice or fraud.

    Did Medical Malpractice Cause the Injury or Death in Your Case?

    The heart of a medical malpractice claim is whether the medical professional’s failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care and skill directly caused your injury or the death of a loved one.   Although medical negligence can occur in a wide variety of settings, it is particularly common in hospital emergency rooms. Doctors or nurses may rush through examinations and fail to order proper tests or make the correct diagnosis. All too often, patients are harmed because there is a lack of communication among ER staff during handoff of the patient or changes in shifts. At Mann Law Firm, we can examine a wide range of situations where this negligence may have occurred.
    • Birth injuries Errors made before, during or after delivery of a child can harm the mother and have a lasting impact on the child, including brachial plexus injuries and brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy.
    • Misdiagnosis – When a physician fails to diagnose a serious condition such as cancer or a heart attack or stroke, it can lead to permanent damage or death.
    • Surgical errors – A shockingly high number of injuries are caused by operations being performed on the wrong site, unsanitary instruments being used or foreign objects being left in a patient’s body.
    • Anesthesia errors Mistakes can include administering the wrong type or dose of anesthesia or, in some cases, failing to provide the proper flow of oxygen to the patient.
    • Medication errors The wrong type or dose of a medication can either be prescribed or administered.

    A Macon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Seek Compensation for You

    At Mann Law Firm, we can thoroughly investigate how the suspected medical error occurred in your case. If warranted, we can file a lawsuit, or complaint, on your behalf.

    Georgia law generally requires that a lawsuit be filed within two years after the date of the injury or death – and no more than five years after the act giving rise to the injury or death.

    Georgia law requires this complaint to be accompanied by an affidavit – a sworn, written statement – by a medical professional who has reviewed your case and found the occurrence of least one negligent act or omission. An expert’s review can take significant time to complete. This makes it crucial to take action immediately if you believe that you or a loved one is the victim of medical malpractice. A medical malpractice attorney at the Mann Law Firm is ready to get started. We serve clients throughout Macon and Middle Georgia. To arrange your free and confidential consultation, call us today or contact us online.
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