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    Macon, GA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    As an attorney who once worked with a large insurance company, David Mann knows the tactics that insurers often use to try deny claims or pay as little as possible. For instance, when a car and motorcycle collide, the insurance company will often try to blame the motorcyclist.

    As a motorcycle accident lawyer who is today dedicated to seeking maximum recovery for motorcycle accident victims in Macon and across Georgia, David Mann knows how to put his background and experience to use to benefit his clients in settlement negotiations and in court. Above all, he has a passion for protecting the rights of motorcycle crash victims – riders and passengers alike. To learn how the Mann Law Firm can help you or a loved one who has been hurt by another in a motorcycle accident, call (478) 742-3381 or contact our firm online. We can get started with a free review of your case.

    Ways Car Drivers Cause Motorcycle Crashes

    Despite what insurance companies may argue, car drivers often cause crashes with motorcyclists. In fact, a recent study by the Florida Department of Transportation analyzed 10 years of motorcycle crashes within that state.

    The study found that the drivers of the other vehicles were at fault in 60 percent of accidents.

    If you were involved in a car-motorcycle collision, there are many ways the car driver may have caused the crash, including:
    • Failing to give the motorcycle a full lane width – This is also called lane-splitting or lane-sharing. A motorcycle should be treated just like any other vehicle on the road and given an entire lane to maneuver.
    • Failing to signal a lane change, traffic merger or turn – Motorcyclists are just like car drivers. They need to know when the driver in front is going to change positions or turn, or else they could run into the vehicle.
    • Failing to check mirrors or blind spots – It’s perfectly reasonable to expect car drivers to check for other vehicles, including motorcycles, before they change lanes, merge or turn at an intersection.
    • Following too closely – Allowing a three-to-four-second is reasonable as well. As any motorcyclist knows, you may need to change speed or make a sudden adjustment to avoid potholes, loose gravel or slick spots in the road. Car drivers owe a basic duty to give you the time and space to safely make those adjustments.
    At the Mann Law Firm, we can review the police reports, witness statements and analysis by our own crash experts to determine whether any of these careless acts by a car driver led to your accident.

    Other Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    In addition to investigating the role of the other car involved in your crash, Mann Law Firm can also look at whether other facts may have caused your motorcycle accident, including:
    • Defective roads – In some cases, a federal, state or local government entity – or contractors it hired – could be at fault for defective road design, road construction or poor maintenance of the road. For instance, a motorcyclist should be able to travel without hitting potholes.
    • Defective motorcycles or parts – In many other cases, an accident can be caused by a poorly designed or constructed motorcycle or parts, such as brakes that fail or tires that blow out. The manufacturer, distributor or retailer may all potentially be held liable.
    It’s crucial to examine all of the possible causes of an accident and to consider bringing an action against all parties who can and should be held legally responsible for the injuries you or a loved one has suffered.

    Contact an Experienced Macon, Ga Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Mann Law Firm urges all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear helmets on the road. It’s not only required by law in Georgia, but it’s also the safest way to travel. However, we realize that even helmeted drivers can be seriously injured in a crash. In particular, head and spinal cord injuries and loss of limbs frequently occur in these accidents. Our lawyers know what’s at stake: High medical bills, inability to work and earn income, pain and suffering and more. We are committed to seeking the most compensation you can recover Keep in mind that even if you were partially at fault for the motorcycle accident, you can still seek compensation under Georgia law. If you were less than 50 percent at fault, then your award would simply deduct your award by your percentage of fault. For instance, a motorcyclist who suffered $100,000 in losses in a crash who was 20 percent at fault would recover $80,000. Also remember that if you were a motorcycle passenger who was injured in a wreck, you could seek compensation from the motorcyclist, car driver or any other party who caused your losses. As you can see, many issues can arise in these motorcycle accident cases. That is why it is important to seek assistance from a lawyer with experience representing crash victims. Learn more by calling Mann Law Firm today at (478) 742-3381 or by submitting our online form.
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