Multi-car accidents are dangerous and scary because threats to your safety are coming from more than one direction. In a second or two, the road can become an obstacle course with several cars smashing into each other. This leads to confusion and can cause more crashes and injuries. Multi-car crashes are also more complex for personal injury attorneys to handle in settlement negotiations because they involve several defendants and insurance companies. That is why it i

Dangers of Multi-Car Crashes

A chain reaction or multi-car crash can be especially hazardous because there is usually a first and second impact. The first impact happens when the negligent driver hits you. The second impact may occur when other drivers try to avoid a collision and may hit you again. When you are hit in an accident more than once, the chance of serious injury or death rises.

There can be more than one cause of personal injuries in a multi-vehicle crash. One of the jobs of the personal injury attorney in such cases is to determine whether more than one party was responsible for your injuries. The more parties that are found negligent, the higher the possible compensation you can receive.

Multi-Car Crashes That Lead to Most Compensation

While every car accident case is different, experience shows that the following multi-car accident cases often lead to higher amounts of compensation. If you have been in one of these sorts of accidents, talk to The Mann Law Firm today:

  • Vehicle rear ends another on a busy street and is rear-ended by the car behind, leading to a chain reaction of rear-end crashes. Compensation could be even higher if your vehicle is pushed into oncoming traffic.
  • Two vehicles collide on a busy street, and one car is sent into the oncoming lane of traffic, leading to drivers swerving into each other to avoid a crash.
  • A driver changes lanes too fast on a highway, causing other drivers to stop and to swerve out of their lane and hit other drivers.

Liability in a Multi-Car Accident

The most challenging aspect of these accidents is determining who was at fault. In a few cases, a single driver may be 100% at fault, such as if he was distracted by a cell phone and caused a multi-rear-end accident. But there are often other issues involved in these crashes, including road construction, poor weather, another car accident, other distracted drivers or aggressive driving.

In cases where more than one driver is responsible for the accident, a jury can assign a degree of blame to each party. In Georgia, there is a comparative negligence system. This means that you can recover damages even if you were partially at fault for the crash. For example, if you were found 25% responsible for a multi-car crash and you had $10,000 worth of injuries, you could receive only $7,500. This law can seriously reduce the amount of your settlement, so collecting proper evidence to establish causation and negligence is critical. Having an experienced multi-car accident attorney in your corner can help you to get as much compensation as possible.

How to Protect Yourself in a Multi-Car Accident

Serious injuries do not happen just during the actual multi-car crash. It also is common for people to be hurt or killed after the accident when other vehicles approach. One of the most important things to remember is to stay in your car with your seatbelt on. There could be other vehicles moving toward you at high speed, and getting out of your vehicle can lead to serious injury or death. It is a good idea to stay in your vehicle until a police officer arrives and tells you to get out.

Also, turn on your hazard lights to get the attention of other motorists. After law enforcement has arrived and secured the area, it is smart to write down your memories of how the accident happened. With a large, multi-vehicle crash, it is important to note every aspect of the incident that you remember. This could be vital to winning a lawsuit or settlement later.

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