Head-on collisions are rare, but they rank among the deadliest and most dangerous crash types on our roads. If you’ve been involved in a head-on collision, you already know how terrifying it is when another vehicle strikes the front of your own. You’re likely dealing with the catastrophic consequences of a crash.

At the Mann Law Firm, we help people get compensation for the injuries they’ve suffered. Our clients come to us after experiencing a great deal of pain and emotional trauma. They’re usually frustrated by the process of getting payment.We use our resources to get them the help they need and make sure that insurance companies and any negligent parties, including brain injury attorney services, are held accountable for the costs they face.

Negligent Drivers Cause Serious Vehicle Accidents

Most accidents are caused by human error. When a driver is distracted, fatigued or reckless in some other way, they threaten the safety of everyone they share the road with. All it takes is a split second of bad driving to veer into another lane and cause a head-on collision. When a negligent driver causes another motorist harm, the injured motorist shouldn’t have to pay the costs stemming from their injury.

All drivers are required to carry insurance in case they are involved in a vehicle accident. If you’ve been hurt in a head-on collision in Macon, you might be owed money from the other driver’s insurance company. Even though an insurer should pay you reasonable compensation for the damages you’ve experienced, these companies might offer you less than you deserve or deny you payment entirely.

The Macon head-on collision attorneys at the Mann Law Firm make sure that bad drivers and their insurance companies pay you what you need. Contact the Mann Law Firm to learn more about your legal options by scheduling a free consultation.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Many types of reckless driving could lead to a head-on collision with another vehicle. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Impaired driving from drugs or alcohol
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street
  • Fatigue or falling asleep while driving
  • Failure to change driving behavior in bad weather with low visibility.

All of the above are examples of negligent driving. If another driver has caused an accident because they were careless behind the wheel, they should be held responsible for the financial consequences of their actions. You might not be sure why the other driver veered into your lane. You can leave that task to the Mann Law Firm, your trusted motorcycle accident lawyer .
We will investigate the cause of your crash to find out why it happened, and we’ll make sure you get the payment you need.

Injuries You Might Be Living With

Head-on collisions lead to some of the most devastating injuries imaginable. The force generated by the two vehicles traveling in opposite directions leads to an impact far greater than most other types of crashes. A few of the most common injuries in head-on collisions include…

These injuries are costly and painful. They might take years to heal and require extensive medical treatment. This adds up to expensive medical bills, lost time at work and a great deal of pain and suffering. The injuries and the costs of a head-on collision can be the basis for a personal injury claim if you aren’t given the compensation you deserve from an insurance company.

The many costs you face can be factored as damages in a claim. At the Mann Law Firm, we’ll help you determine how much you should seek in a claim, and we’ll get to work on your case to ensure the other side pays you for the harm you’ve suffered.

Why Choose the Mann Law Firm?

David Mann has worked on both sides of these claims. He spent time working in the legal department of a large insurance company, and he knows how the other side approaches these claims. Let us put our experience to work on your behalf. We have years of experience helping injured people in Middle Georgia get the payment they need to get their lives back on track after being hurt by a negligent driver.

You shouldn’t have to pay the costs of another driver’s bad decisions. Let us fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

We offer free consultations to help potential clients better understand their legal options. Let us listen to your story and give you our initial thoughts on your case. Contact the Mann Law Firm today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

Attorney David Mann

Attorney David MannBefore leading his own firm, Mann served for several years as in-house defense counsel for a large insurance company, which gives him unique insight into how insurance companies work. He uses this critical knowledge as an advantage for his clients. He is a tough negotiator and litigator, and he is exceptionally strategic in building cases on behalf of personal injury victims.[ Attorney Bio ]


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