Georgia workers who suffer a neck, back or spine injury while on the job may be eligible for benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation program.

These are common injuries and leading causes of lost work time. However, claims based on these injuries often are challenged by employers and their workers’ compensation insurers.

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Neck, Back and Spine Injuries in Georgia Workplaces

To understand whether you are entitled to medical expenses, disability pay or other benefits through Georgia’s workers’ compensation program, it is helpful to understand how your neck, back or spine injury may have occurred.

The backbone, or spine, is a stack of 24 individual bones. These bones are called “vertebrae.” They run from the base of the skull, or neck area, to the coccyx, or tailbone.

When you suffer back, neck or spine pain, it may be caused by a disc slipping or bulging within the vertebrae or by damage to the muscles and tendons surrounding the vertebrae.

One of the most common types of back pain comes from straining the bands of muscles surrounding the spine, particularly in the lower back and at the base of the neck, WebMD says.

Often, according to WebMD, the causes of back pain have developed over a long period of time. For instance, the pain may result from the repeated stress and strain of physical labor, including pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying heavy objects.

If you are a worker in the manufacturing or food processing industries, or if you are a janitor or housekeeper, you may be especially prone to these types of repetitive strain injuries.

Sudden, traumatic events also contribute to a high number of work-related neck, back and spine injuries. For instance, falls can cause minor muscle strains, herniated discs or vertebral fractures. These injuries can severely damage the spinal column or the spinal cord itself.

Falls from ladders or scaffolding are common at construction sites throughout Georgia.

GA Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Neck, Back and Spine Injuries

If a neck, back or spine injury suffered on the job causes a worker to be unable to work for more than seven days, the worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation. These benefits include payments to cover all medical treatment, including medication and therapy, and weekly income benefits based upon the worker’s earnings.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims can be denied for a variety of technical reasons such as incomplete applications or contradictory information on complex claim forms.

In some cases, the worker’s employer, who ultimately pays the benefits through an insurer, may challenge a claim simply to save money. In other cases, an injured worker who has been awarded a settlement may violate workers’ compensation rules, such as by not making scheduled medical appointments. As a result, the worker’s benefits may be revoked or reduced.

The rules and regulations of the workers’ compensation program are complicated. They can easily confuse an injured worker who encounters them for the first time. Meanwhile, the worker’s employer is represented by workers’ compensation lawyers hired by the insurance company to ensure payments are as low as possible.

Macon Accident LawyerAttorney David Mann gets involved in every Mann Law Firm case.  A former in-house counsel for a large insurance company, he joined his family’s law firm to seek justice for injured workers and their families. We can help you file a complete and accurate claim, and we can represent you in an appeal of denied or inadequate benefits. We will make sure you understand your rights and obligations under the Georgia workers’ compensation system.

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