There is a reason that many of the car accident cases we handle at Mann Law Firm involve rear-end collisions. Statistics show that these are the most common types of crashes. In fact, the United Transportation Union reports that rear-end crashes account for as many as one-third of all car accidents in the U.S. each year.

Whether your rear end accident involves minor losses or more serious, lasting injuries, we believe it’s important for you to get legal help and representation. You need to make sure your rights are fully protected when dealing with insurance adjustors.

Macon Attorney David MannAs a former defense attorney for a large insurance company, David Mann knows the tactics that are often used on the other side. He can put his knowledge and experience to work for you and seek maximum compensation in a settlement or, if needed, a jury verdict.

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Why Do Rear-End Accidents Occur?

Our main focus in your rear end crash case will be on determining how it occurred. Mann Law Firm will closely examine the crash scene, vehicle damage, police reports, witness statements, photographs and other evidence to answer our questions. We may also seek input from an accident reconstruction expert.

Often, we find that one or more of the following factors played a role:

  • Speeding – When a driver goes too fast, they can’t stop on time to avoid a crash with another car that is moving slower or is sitting at a stop sign or red light.
  • Poor Road Conditions – When the roads are icy or wet, drivers need to adjust their speed and their following distance because they will need more time to brake.
  • Tailgating – Aggressive drivers often leave no room between their cars and the ones in front. As with speeding, this leaves no time or distance for the driver to avoid a crash if the car in front stops or turns.
  • Distraction – Too many drivers today text, talk on their cell phones, play with their GPS device or engage in any number of distractions instead of doing what they should be doing – giving the road and the cars in front of them their full attention. When accidents occur due to distracted driving, it’s crucial to consult a skilled distracted driving accident lawyer for legal guidance.
  • Failing to Use Signals – If a driver slows down to turn or changes lanes, the driver needs to signal their intentions. You are not to blame if you collide with a driver who fails to take these very basic safety precautions.
  • Faulty Brakes – When brakes fail, accidents occur. A manufacturer may be at fault if there is a design or manufacturing defect that causes the brake failure. However, in many cases, the driver is to blame for not properly maintaining the brakes.

Seeking Compensation for Rear End Accidents Victims

Once we know what caused your rear end crash, we can seek compensation from the party or parties who are at fault. In many cases, there may be only one other driver involved. However, in some accident cases, multiple parties may be involved. For instance, the driver who caused your rear end accident may have been working at the time. If that is the case, the driver’s employer should be held liable for the acts of its employee.

Macon Rear End AccidentThere may also be more than one insurance policy involved in your case. For example, we will seek compensation through the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. If the driver has no insurance coverage or does not have enough coverage to pay for all of your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering, or does not have enough coverage to pay for all of your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, then we will turn to your own insurance policy with the help of an experienced insurance claim attorney .

At Mann Law firm, we understand how important this compensation is for you and your family. Even minor bodily injury in a car crash can lead to expensive medical treatment and extensive car repair (or car replacement). Rear end crashes can also lead to long-term injuries such as whiplash, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, internal organ damage and bone fractures.

We can work with medical experts to determine the full extent of your injuries and use this information as we seek compensation for your losses.

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Attorney David Mann

Attorney David MannBefore leading his own firm, Mann served for several years as in-house defense counsel for a large insurance company, which gives him unique insight into how insurance companies work. He uses this critical knowledge as an advantage for his clients. He is a tough negotiator and litigator, and he is exceptionally strategic in building cases on behalf of personal injury victims.[ Attorney Bio ]


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