Macon, Georgia 4 Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits Lawyer

4 Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

In some parts of the country, the adoption of a system that fixes the amount of benefits paid by employers while providing medical and income benefits for injured workers is over 100 years old. Georgia has a few years to go before the centennial – it didn’t adopt workers’ compensation until 1920, the 42nd state to do so. The rise of industrialization and the corresponding increase in work-related injuries eventually made the old common law system of employer liability obsolete in every state. Instead, it became obvious that meeting the needs of injured workers and their employers was better served if each side made a tradeoff, so that the employers bore the cost of work-related injuries because they could buy insurance to cover the lo[...]...

Macon, Georgia Most Common Workplace Injuries Lawyer

Most Common Workplace Injuries

We've got a lot of hard-working people in Georgia, people who go to their jobs every day, giving their best effort to do good work and support their families. Unfortunately, many of these workers fall victim to injuries in the workplace and find themselves struggling to provide financial security for their loved ones because of an accident that happened on the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 105,000 occupational injuries or illnesses in the state of Georgia in 2014. Of these, 148 were fatal injuries. In fact, the number of work-related fatalities in Georgia rose by 31 over the year before. Fatal occupational injuries in the state have ranged from a high of 249 in 1994 to a low of 101 in 2012.  According t[...]...

Macon Crane Accident Kills One, Injures Three Others

A recent crane accident at the Graphic Packaging Company in Macon took the life of one young man and injured three other workers. The tragedy reminds us all that accidents happen every day – even in our small Georgia community. A Tragic Accident According to Macon Warner Robins 41NBC/WMGT, a group of men were dismantling a crane at the Graphic Packaging Company in Macon when a strap broke and the crane fell apart.  Three of the subcontracted workers for the company who were injured were transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia and are expected to survive.  However, according to Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones, 21-year-old Johnathan Siroky of Fayetteville was killed at the scene of the accident when he was crushed between the [...]...


Avoiding Water Accidents Through Water Safety Guidelines

While swimming is always a fun exercise and a good activity for people of all ages, it is also one of the most common causes of accidents in children. According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the third leading cause of