Macon, Georgia Parents Should Be Wary of Inflatable Beds Lawyer

Parents Should Be Wary of Inflatable Beds

With a price tag starting around $20, inflatable beds can be found in many homes today. They take up minimal room when deflated, and serve as comfortable, easy-to-prepare arrangements for guests, kids' sleepovers, or family movie night. Some people are even choosing to use inflatable mattresses as their everyday beds. They are especially popular with low-income families who have had to find creative and/or inexpensive alternatives to traditional mattresses due to the decline in charities that take such donations because of the widespread bedbug problem. However, the soft, uneven surfaces of inflatable beds are dangerous for babies, and without knowing the dangers of putting a baby to sleep on one, many people are inadvertently placing their[...]...


Do I Need an Attorney to Bring a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

An Attorney Can Help Win Compensation

Property owners and managers are responsible for keeping their premises safe and in the condition that does not pose a risk of injury, illness, or death to others. If a property is not correctly maintained, or ...