According to the NHTSA, the number of motorcyclists who died in accidents fell to 5,172 in 2017, which was a decrease of 3%. Nonetheless, motorcycle riders are still vastly overrepresented in traffic deaths.
To keep everyone on the road as safe as possible, the NHTSA wants to remind motorcyclists to make themselves as visible to other drivers as possible, to use a good motorcycle helmet and to never ride after drinking alcohol.

Awareness Tips for Motorists

Safe motorcycle riding practices and full cooperation from everyone on the road will greatly reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our highways. But it is vital for car drivers to understand the serious safety challenges that motorcyclists face. For example, a motorcycle is much smaller and less visible than a car. Car drivers make the mistake sometimes of not keeping an eye out for motorcyclists, and this often leads to a fatal accident.
A particularly common crash scenario is where a car driver does not see the oncoming motorcycle and turns left in front of it. This is an entirely preventable accident if the car driver is being responsible and the motorcyclist is wearing highly visible clothing.

Awareness Tips for Motorcyclists

If you are a motorcycle rider, you know the fun you can have on your bike. You also understand how exhilarating it is to cruise on the open road. But you also know that controlling a motorcycle safely is challenging and takes practice and care. Note that data on total vehicle miles traveled indicates that motorcyclists are 28 times as likely as occupants of cars to die in an accident. With such risks, a motorcycle accident lawsuit might be something riders should be aware of. Riding your motorcycle safely takes much practice, balance, coordination and excellent judgment.

Be Ready for the Road

Whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, different skills and knowledge are needed. Motorcycle license requirements vary widely, but all states require a motorcycle license endorsement on your car driver’s license. To get the right endorsement for your state, you have to pass a written and driving-skills test that is given by the licensing agency in your state. Some states mandate that you take a rider education course sponsored by the state. Others may waive the skills test if you have taken a course that is approved by the state. In either case, finishing a motorcycle rider education class is a great way to make sure you have the proper instruction and experience you need to ride safely.
As careful as you may be on your motorcycle, a negligent driver still may do something that leads to a serious accident. In this situation, you would be well advised to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney.

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