There is a bill before Georgia’s General Assembly that would clarify the school bus passing laws in the state. Senate Bill 25 was proposed after a law went into effect last year that caused a great deal of confusion. That law stated that drivers were allowed to pass a school bus, depending upon whether they were driving on a four-lane highway that was separated by a lane for turning.
State Sen Tyler Harper said earlier this month that the new bill had passed muster in the Senate Public Safety Committee. He noted that he hopes the new Georgia bill will clear up any possible confusion about when it is safe for Georgia drivers to pass school buses.
In the new bill, if the driver is on the opposite side of the road from a school bus engaged in loading or unloading of students, and there is physical (grass) barrier or unpaved median that is between the two sides, the driver does not need to stop. The bill also deals with tickets for drivers who break the laws for school buses on the roads in Georgia.

When Do You Need a School Bus Accident Attorney?

Whether the accident involves a passing driver who broke the law or the school bus and driver, it may be hard to know when to bring in a personal injury attorney to handle a claim or lawsuit.
Generally, if a driver passes the school bus in violation of the law and injures your child, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of that vehicle. It is likely the driver has car insurance that could pay for the medical costs and damages associated with your child’s condition. If that driver does not have insurance, the uninsured or underinsured policy on your auto insurance could provide benefits.
If the school bus accident involving your child involves the school bus and driver, Georgia law states that the school district would normally be the entity to sue. But the limit for any possible recovery when suing the school district is the limit on the policy that was bought by that school district.
Keep in mind that a private company could own and operate the school bus. This can be the case if the school your child attends is private. Georgia law mandates that all motor vehicles privately owned, including school buses, must have auto insurance. In a case where the driver of the privately owned bus injured your child, that company could be liable for the hiring, training and/or entrustment of the driver, as well as the improper and negligent operation of the bus by a school district employee.

Has Your Child Been Injured in a School Bus Accident? Call the Mann Law Firm.

Has your child been injured in a school bus accident by another driver?  As people are in such a hurry today in the growing state of Georgia, school bus accidents involving children and passing drivers are more common. Be sure to reach out to The Mann Law Firm a free consultation today about your personal injury case.


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