Drivers in the Peach State seem to be having trouble following Georgia’s new Hands-Free law, according to a recent survey conducted by AAA. Even with the new law that imposes penalties for driving while using a cell phone, it seems that far too many Georgians are addicted to texting and driving.
The survey determined that 98% of drivers in the state know about the new law that bans using handheld cell phones while driving. But 30 days after the new law went into effect, Georgia drivers still text and drive. The survey found that 75% of respondents said they saw a driver with a phone in their hand, and 60% said they saw people texting and driving.

Georgia Hands Free Law Details

All drivers in Georgia should know about the new law that went into effect on July 1, 2018 to prevent serious and even deadly accidents on our roads:

  • Drivers may not have a phone in their hand or touching their body while talking on a phone and driving.
  • Even if you have hands-free technology, you cannot write, read or send any type of text, social media content or any Internet data while driving.
  • You may not use your phone to record video while driving, unless the device is mounted on your dashboard and is running continuously.
  • Drivers can listen to streaming music without video on their phone while driving. However, they cannot touch their phones while driving to activate or use a music streaming application.
  • The fine for your first conviction is $50, and one point will be assessed on your driver’s license. The fine is $100 and two points for your second conviction, and $150 and three points for the third and subsequent conviction.
  • First-time offenders can have the charge dropped if they prove to the court that they have a device that allows them to talk on a cell phone with hands-free technology.

Distracted Driving Lawsuits on the Rise

Georgia drivers should remember that a measly $50 fine is not the only possible consequence of using a regular cell phone while driving. Civil lawsuits are being filed across the country by victims of distracted driving accidents. For example, a couple in New Britain, Connecticut were seriously hurt in a cellphone-related accident last year. They received a $1.3 million settlement from the negligent driver. Also, a jury in 2016 in the same state awarded a woman $1.4 million after a distracted driver with a cell phone struck her car head on.
Using a standard cell phone while driving is against the law in Georgia. It is dangerous. So, please make sure to drive safely and use only hands-free devices while on our roads.

Injured by a Distracted Driver? Talk to A Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Today

Automobile accidents due to distracted driving and cell phones happen too often in Georgia. If you hurt in auto accident that is caused by a distracted driver with a cell phone, remember that you could be eligible for compensation in a civil lawsuit if the other driver is found to have been negligent. Talk to a personal injury attorney at The Mann Law Firm today for a complimentary consultation about your car accident case.

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