It is not unusual for the consumption of alcohol to lead to disagreements or fights in a bar or restaurant. These altercations can lead to serious injuries, and even death in rare cases.

Premises Liability Law in Georgia

A key issue to consider in a bar fight is whether the establishment is liable for negligent security under the premises liability law in Georgia. If the bar had security personnel in adequate numbers, it is possible that the fight could have been broken up before anyone was hurt.
Businesses such as bars and restaurants do owe their customers a duty to be on guard against dangerous conditions. In fact, some courts have even found that business owners are liable when they do not provide a reasonable amount of security to protect customers from criminal conduct.
Acts of violence often can be prevented if the bar owner has the proper security measures to protect customers from harm that can be foreseen. If the owner does not take the correct security measures, it is possible for customers to be assaulted, robbed, beaten and worse. Premises liability law in this state allows business owners to be held liable for some crimes that happen on their property.
There are two key questions:Was the criminal activity that led to the injury or loss foreseeable? Did the business owner fail to implement the proper security procedures to ensure their customers’ safety and wellbeing?
If you have been injured in a bar fight in Georgia, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses or injuries. The Mann Law Firm has been serving Macon and the Georgia region for years in a variety of personal injury cases, including bar fights. If you have any questions about personal injuries stemming from such an event, please call us today at (888) 339-2185.

What Comprises Negligent Security?

A bar may have negligent security that could include some or all of the following:

  • Total lack of security personnel
  • Poor security measures
  • No video cameras
  • Failure to comply with state security laws
  • Failure to protect patrons from foreseeable harm.

Bars and restaurants also must exercise caution in their hiring practices for security personnel. If they bring in people who are unqualified, they may cause harm to patrons. At that point, the business owner also can be held liable for hiring improper security.
For example, there was a personal injury case in a Georgia bar fight where the customer suffered a serious brain injury. The bouncers incorrectly attacked him when he merely responded to a minor altercation between two other patrons. This is actually a common reason that bar fights get violent; the more drunken and aggressive a bar fight gets, the more likely it is that a third party will intervene.
In the case described above, the bouncers beat the man and threw him down concrete steps. His head slammed into the pavement, resulting in serious head injuries that have incapacitated him to this day.

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