When bars, restaurants and nightclubs serve alcohol, they must be very careful. First, they must serve enough alcohol to earn a profit for their business. But they also cannot serve so much that they endanger patrons. After all, when people drink too much, they often get aggressive and confrontational.

If you are injured in a bar fight, do you have a possible legal claim? In some cases, yes, you do. The Mann Law Firm is experienced in pursuing bar fight lawsuits. Contact us for a free consultation.

Bar and Restaurant Duty of Care

Bars and restaurants have what is called a duty of care. This means the owner must have a safe environment for guests and workers on the property. This includes not just maintaining the property to prevent accidents, but also other aspects.

Establishments serving alcohol have a duty of care to watch the behavior of customers. They should get involved if certain patrons are drinking too much and/or are engaging in disorderly or aggressive conduct.

These establishments also need to have adequate security on the property. If the bar does not have any security – at least a bouncer – there is a possibility of legal negligence here.

However, sometimes bouncers and security personnel can unintentionally injure a patron when breaking up a fight. This could result in a possible legal case, as well.

It is especially important for owners of Georgia bars and nightclubs with a well-known reputation for fights and disagreements to staff their business with adequate security. If they do not and someone gets hurt in a fight, a possible lawsuit could arise.

The dram shop law in Georgia under Georgia Code section 51-1-40 is the legal basis upon which a personal injury lawsuit against the establishment can be pursued. The law allows an injured patron or worker to hold a seller of alcohol liable in some cases, such as if the establishment ‘knowingly’ served alcohol to a person who was ‘noticeably intoxicated.’

Bar or Nightclub Legal Claim

A personal injury lawsuit against a bar or nightclub for your fight injuries can be aggressively pursued by a Georgia bar fight attorney, such as The Mann Law Firm. Compensation for bar fight injuries may include:

  • Hospital, doctor and/or surgery costs
  • Costs for home health care
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medical devices, crutches, braces and drug expenses
  • Future medical costs that arise from bar fight injuries
  • Lost wages from employment
  • Earned income loss
  • Damage to property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages, in limited cases.

Injured in a Bar Fight? Contact The Mann Law Firm

When you are a guest at a bar or nightclub, the establishment has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment, but this does not always happen. Bar fight injuries can be serious and can lead to substantial medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The Mann Law Firm has many years of proven experience assisting Macon and Middle Georgia citizens who have personal injuries from fights in restaurants and nightclubs. Please contact us today for a complimentary legal consultation.

Attorney David Mann

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