Bloomberg News reported this month that federal safety officials are targeting the three worst driver habits in the country that are killing at least 10,000 Americans annually: speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving from electronic devices.
According to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, its list of ‘Most Wanted’ safety improvements on American roads includes a strong focus on three of the 10 behaviors by drivers that are leading to so much carnage. Federal officials say targeting speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving could really make a dent in the 37,000 fatal car accidents that occur in the U.S. each year.
The ‘Most Wanted’ list of safety improvements also focuses on such things as fatigued drivers, improved anti-crash technology and requiring seatbelts on school business and passenger buses.
More details on the ‘Most Wanted’ list and other safety items are below.

Cut Down on Speeding

The report states that more proven tools should be used on the roads to reduce speeding. Some of the items recommended are traffic cameras, better vehicle technology and design of infrastructure to make speeding more difficult and less likely.

Reduce Driver Distractions

There is no doubt, the NTSB states, that driver distraction from electronic devices is causing more deaths and injuries on America’s roads. Drivers need to pay closer attention to what they are doing, and so do railroad engineers, pilots, truck drivers, and even pedestrians. If involved in such an accident, consulting a truck accident lawyer could be crucial. If there’s a mishap due to such distractions, seeking advice from a railroad accident attorney might be essential. The federal government reports driver distraction was connected to more than 3,000 traffic deaths in just 2017.

Alcohol and Drug Impairment

Alcohol is one of the top causes of death on American highways, leading to a significant number of drunk driving accident injuries. The NTSB wants to see a reduction in what is classified as ‘drunk driving,’ lowering the permissible BAC from .08% to .05%. Deaths that are related to drunk driving just on highways numbered more than 11,000 in 2017.

Better Collision Avoidance Systems

The NTSB wants auto manufacturers to put technology in new vehicles that would allow automatic braking to avoid many crashes.

Reduce Driver Fatigue Crashes

The federal government urges a new, comprehensive approach to fight driver and operator fatigue in highway, rail and aviation transportation.

Require More Medical Fitness Screening

Sleep apnea has been the cause of many serious accidents in recent years involving truck drivers and rail engineers. There needs to be better screening for health problems of all bus drivers, train engineers, and truck drivers to reduce accidents across the U.S. If such accidents do occur, especially those involving pedestrians, a pedestrian accident lawyer can provide necessary legal assistance.

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